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How To Start Your Taxi Business With InDriver Clone

Feb 13, 2023 Admin Taxi App Development

InDriver is one of the most successful on-demand taxi and delivery service businesses. It has given Uber tough competition across the world. The success of the InDriver app has led many companies to invest in developing similar apps, or "InDriver clones".

In case you are one of the many aspiring entrepreneurs who are planning to launch their on-demand taxi and delivery app just like InDriver, this blog is for you.

This blog covers every aspect of the InDriver app, including how it functions, reasons why you might want to create an InDriver clone, and—most importantly—a step-by-step tutorial for doing so.

What Is The InDriver App?

InDriver is one of the finest apps for on-demand taxi and delivery services. The app's main goal is to offer hassle-free and simple ride-hailing services. The best thing about this app is that riders and drivers can negotiate the fare however they want.

For entrepreneurs looking to enter the taxi business, this blog provides insights into starting a taxi service using the InDriver clone script. It delves into the features, customization options, and benefits of leveraging InDriver's model for establishing a competitive taxi business. Understanding the nuances of the InDriver clone script can guide aspiring taxi entrepreneurs in creating a unique and efficient service in a market dominated by ride-hailing giants.

How Does The InDriver App Work?

The InDriver app is user-friendly and very simple to use.

For Riders

  • Grant location permission.
  • Sign up with the essential details (name and phone number).
  • Enter a destination and proposed fare.
  • If the driver does not accept the proposed fare, a different offer may appear from the driver’s end.
  • Once the negotiation is done and the driver accepts the offer, the rider can avail himself of the services.
  • After the ride is over, the rider can provide a rating and review of the service.

For Drivers

  • Sign up as a driver or just register as a rider and switch to the driver later with the "Switch to Driver" feature.
  • Once you've signed up as a driver, offers will come with details like destinations and fares.
  • The driver can counter the offer with a fare of his choice for negotiation.
  • The rider will receive service from the driver if he accepts the counter offer.
  • The rider will pay the driver the predetermined amount after the trip is over.

Why Should You Invest in InDriver Clone?

InDriver has made a name for itself all over the world, so if you want to make an on-demand taxi and delivery service app, you should choose an InDriver clone. Here are some reasons why you should invest in InDriver clone development:

1. Reduced Development Time

Planning and designing is a very long process, and if you are planning to develop an entirely customized on-demand taxi and delivery app, the process can take a huge amount of time. So investing the time and, most importantly, the money in InDriver clone development is the right decision.

2. Quality

You won't have to worry about the app having subpar quality. Cloned from one of the best on-demand apps in the world, InDriver, your on-demand taxi and delivery service app will maintain a high level of quality.

3. Tested and Proven

You can even buy a ready-made clone of InDriver from a reputable company to cut down on the time it takes to get your product on the market. The ready-made solutions are always tried and tested, so you will be free from performance worries.

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Step-by-step for developing an InDriver-like app

1. Requirements Collection

To plan for a successful InDriver clone app, the ideal start of the development process is with the requirements gathering step. Before jumping into the development of the InDriver clone, it is essential to identify your requirements, preferences, and, most importantly, your target audience and target locations.

2. Planning

Once the requirements are identified and noted down, the critical next step is to map out the development process. It's crucial to assess the requirements and determine the best approach for developing the InDriver clone app in this step.

Having a proper plan will make the development process of the InDriver app clone smooth and effective, and it will also help you assess the progress with pre-set parameters.

3. Design

A team of experience designers must be design once the plan is prepared for the full development process of the InDriver clone. The designers will create wireframes for each screen, make the app's structure plan, and, most importantly, make an easy-to-use, high-quality UI.

The overall framework, which can be compared to the skeleton of an app, will be made by the designers. Having the ideal design team on board will help your InDriver app mimic an on-demand taxi and delivery app.

4. Development

The development step is the key to success, as all the customization and upgrade work will be performed in this phase. Once the designers have created the best user interface for your app, the developers will have to build it with all the newest features and technologies.

If you buy a ready-made solution for an InDriver clone, the time it takes to build it will be short but important. The developers will change the ready-made solution to meet your needs and get you the results you want.

5. Testing

Once your InDriver app is ready, it is highly recommended to try and test the app before launching it. You can opt for a rigorous testing process that includes tests for compatibility, reliability, and functionality of the InDriver clone you just developed. It will assist you in figuring out whether your solution contains bugs.

6. Deployment

Once your InDriver-like app is approved by the QA experts, you can proceed to the deployment stage. Launch your solution on the desired operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

7. Update

Maintaining the success of the InDriver-like app is your responsibility, not just deploying it. Continuous monitoring and regular updates that add new features based on what customers want is needed.

Features You Must Add To Your InDriver-Like App

The InDriver app has three different modules for three different roles: Riders, Drivers, and Admins. So, there is a huge pool of features you must focus on:

For Riders

1. Fare Negotiations

One of the most important features and the key reason that InDriver is ahead of many taxi booking and delivery business apps is the option to negotiate fares. You must include a feature for riders to bid on their ride.

2. Live Notifications

For riders, having an idea about their ride is very important, and it also triggers the user experience. Live notifications are advised because of this.

3. Communication

The best options for improved communication are in-app call and chat features. It helps keep the personal information of riders safe, as well as offering a convenient way to communicate with the drivers.

4. Accept or Reject Offers

In an app like InDriver, riders have full control over which drivers they choose and whether they accept or reject the price quote that the driver gives. It helps make the user experience even better.

5. Switch to Driver

The simple switch to driver feature of InDriver is one of its key success factors. Within a few clicks, it enables riders to become drivers. By incorporating this feature, you can expand your network and give many users a passive income source.

6. In-App Payment

Once the passenger arrives at his or her destination, he or she must be given the choice to pay the driver the fare they had previously agreed upon via the app. You must provide in-app payment options for this. The rider will have more flexibility and then you'll guarantee a better customer experience with multiple payment options.

For Drivers

1.Accept or Reject

A driver needs to have the freedom to accept or reject an offer from riders. Adding the feature of accepting or rejecting an offer for them can be a great idea.

2. Counter Offer

When a rider sends offers to drivers, the driver may counter offer with a very low fare. This issue can be resolved and drivers can gain income by including a counter-offer feature in your InDriver clone app. Additionally, it will guarantee that the fare is acceptable to the driver and the passenger.

3. Driver Availability

To improve your drivers' experience with your InDriver clone app, you can let them choose whether they are available or not.

4. Driver Profile

To enable drivers to display rider ratings and reviews, a driver profile must be accessible in your InDriver clone app. It will also assist the passengers in selecting the drivers.

5. Rate and Review

Not only for riders but a rate and review feature must also be available for your InDriver clone app drivers. Once the ride service ends, a driver needs the option to rate and review the rider.

Admin Panel

1. Drivers Manager

Admin can control driver's access on the platform, verify/block them, ask for more documents, see their performance, check their wallet status, documents, referrals, and so on. We have made admin the superpower to have complete control over the operations in the runtime.

2. Users Manager

Likewise, the driver manager has given complete control over the rider's access to the platform. They can control or view their booked/canceled/completed rides and address any grievances from the panel.

3. Trips/Rides Manager

Admin can view rides ongoing, completed, canceled, missed, or rejected by the drivers on the runtime. Admin can also despatch rides from the admin panel and assign drivers manually to the booked rides.

4. Transactions Manager

Admin can see all transactions happening on the platform. Moreover, he can view the transaction details in depth, like taxes, commission, mode of payment, wallet transfers, etc.

5. Wallet Manager

Our platform's core strength is an inbuilt wallet system, which makes us stand out from our competitors. Once you understand, you find it mandatory to run a business. It helps the company retain the riders and drivers to the platform and helps the company keep more funds.

6. Reports

Admin has given access to multiple reports, which helps them plan and strategize various activities to support and grow the business.

How To Make Money With An InDriver-Like App

The InDriver app makes money by charging a fixed percentage of commission on every single transaction that takes place on the app. If you want to develop your taxi booking app exactly like InDriver, you can follow their commission-based revenue model.

Appicial Offers White-Label InDriver Script

Appicial is one of the most client-oriented app development companies in the world. We can make InDriver clones that are fully customizable and white-label in a week, and they come with the full source code.

With us, you can be certain of the product's quality, performance, and ongoing support. Your InDriver clone will be made with the help of our incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and experienced team of developers.

One of the best companies for creating on-demand app solutions is us. We have experience creating applications for on-demand delivery and taxi services. We can use our expertise to set your InDrive clone solution apart from the competition.

Start your InDriver clone app development now.

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Final Thoughts

The InDriver clone app is one of the best-known and most-used apps for booking taxis on demand. If you want to get into the on-demand taxi booking app market and have a lot of success, it might be best to make an app like InDriver.

InDriver is devoted to pleasing the users, from features to the business model. You must provide users with flexibility if you want to make your app popular.

Appicial can help you build your InDriver clone app within a week and accelerate the launch of your on-demand taxi and delivery business. Talk to our experts about your InDriver clone solution for a detailed consultation.

Looking out to start your own venture like inDriver? Try out our HireMe Taxi inDriver Clone, the easiest way to kick-start your taxi business.

The InDriver app is available in 47 countries and 700 cities. It has also recorded 150 million downloads, which reflects its global demand and success.
Both the ready-to-launch and custom-developed solutions will bring you certain benefits. If you buy a ready-made solution, it will help you save time and shorten your time to market. On the other hand, a custom development process will take time, but you will have complete control over the InDriver clone's development. It is up to you to decide which one fits your preferences and requirements.
You can get a white-label InDriver clone from Appicial. They can even add the features you want and give you the full source code within a week. Contact us now to start your InDriver clone development.
Yes, Appicial does offer full support and maintenance services for your InDriver clone for up to three months after we build it for you.

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