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Amp Up Your Taxi Business With A Bolt (Taxify) Clone Script From Appicial

Are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who is wondering on Bolt (Taxify) exemplary growth in the taxi business? If you want to leverage the most out of your taxi business, relying on the conventional method of dispatching doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution.

Companies like Uber, Lyft or Taxify have gained recognition and business not only because of the service they provide but also due to the extensive marketing strategies that have gone behind. And the base for this unfathomable success would be a Bolt (Taxify) Clone Script that made all the difference. The best solution that a taxi business owner can consider today to survive in the industry after the tech disruption can be moving ahead with a Bolt (Taxify) Clone Script.

Many companies have attempted to replicate the success of companies like Uber, Taxify and Lyft in their applications. There are an endless taxi clone app scripts available in the market today. However, a right on-demand taxi solution can only seem fruitful when it has a handful of essential features.

How To Choose The Best Bolt (Taxify Clone Script)?

Finding the right solution among the myriad options available can seem a never-ending search. To make this task less daunting and a lot easier, Appicial offers comprehensive on-demand app development solutions that can let the business take a big leap in the taxi industry.

Replicating a Taxify success is no longer a challenge as our readymade Bolt Script comes with robust features that can ensure better results:

  • Completely tested, white labelled and bug-free solutions
  • Responsive Admin Panels, Driver/Passenger Booking Interface
  • Payment Gateway Integration with Multi-Language/Currency Support
  • Geographical Tracking that allows easy source and destination pickup
  • For entrepreneurs who are tired of corporate services and want to make it scale big without huge initial investment in the taxi business, going for a taxi bolt app is the best solution. By using our Taxify Clone App curated using our pre-built Taxify Clone script, entrepreneurs can easily set up their taxi business.

    The application has separate functionality and features for customers, drivers as well as admin. Drivers can easily pick up booking requests and find out about the customer’s location. On the other hand, customers can easily book a taxi by entering their source and destination location. They can fetch details such as car number, expected fare etc. In the admin side, the app comes with all controls to check the activity ongoing through the app.

    We at Appicial are committed to our cause of providing cost-effective technology solutions to enterprises. Simply purchase our readymade Taxify Clone Script and turn your own taxi app a reality. We can even customise the app based on your business niche, logo and requirements.

    Appicial's HireMe Taxi App Key Features


    • Customer Registration
    • Update Profile / Settings
    • Choose Category (Hatchback, Sedan, Luxury)
    • Book Ride Now
    • Schedule Ride for Later
    • Fare Estimate
    • Estimated Time Arrival of the Driver
    • Make Payment using Multiple Options
    • Rate the Ride / Driver
    • Ride History
    • Free Ride Coupons
    • Support / Help


    • Driver Registration
    • Add / Update Car Details
    • Online / Offline Modes
    • Accept / Reject Drives
    • Navigation to Pick-up Point
    • Start / End Trip
    • Navigation to Destination Point
    • Generate Invoice & Take Payment
    • Review Customer
    • Ride History


    • Approve Driver’s Registration request
    • Manage Drivers
    • Enable or Disable a Driver
    • Manage Customers
    • Set / Update City-wise Variable Pricing
    • Monitor Database
    • Earning Dashboard
    • Update Rate Cards
    • Check Complete Trips Feed
    • Sort Trips
    • Update Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Other Pages

    Premier Features Of HireMe Taxi : Key Features That Make The Application One Of A Kind

    The HireMe Taxi Clone Application has been developed using our native taxi application builder. The Bolt Clone script has been fully tested and is completely bug free. Our team prioritizes your business requirements allowing for full customisation.

    Our Bolt Clone App popular with the name “HireMe Taxi” offers some very advanced and customised features which can be further tailor made as per your business requirement.

    Right from options to choose from various cars and drivers available at a location, to accepting and rejecting rides, HireMe Taxi has everything consolidated within it that is required to run an online taxi business.

    • The app has an attractive user interface where customers can experience seamless riding experience right from pickup to destination.
    • The support for Geo-location based technology makes it further easy for drivers to allow customer pickup and drop.
    • This on-demand riding application is well equipped with all the utility features allowing a taxi running business to offer the best customer experience without any hurdle in the journey.
    • Location based availability of cabs within the reach of customers 24/7 anywhere, allows for a hurdle free riding experience without burning a hole in the pocket of customers.

    On-Time Delivery Guaranteed

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t keep you waiting for months to get your application built. Our dedicated team of experts let you get your apps ready with all the features within a promised time frame.

    You can contact us to buy Bolt Clone App, Taxify Clone App and can also review it once it’s ready. We immediately start the process of “launch and upload” on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store once we get your approval!

    Screenshots Of HireMe Bolt (Taxify) Clone Taxi Booking Mobile App

    You can check HireMe Uber Clone Script Taxi app screenshots that are used in our taxi mobile application. The workflow of the mobile app is smooth which provides the high-quality User Interface (UI) & ensures great User Experience (UX).

    Bolt (Taxify) clone
    Bolt (Taxify) clone taxi mobile app
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    Bolt (Taxify) clone taxi app


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