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On-Demand Car Wash App

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Smartphones have made life easier and more convenient than ever before. The digitalization of everything has raised the bar for technology. People can now access a wide range of services with relative ease. So, if you want to get your car cleaned, you can skip huge lines, save time reserving the service, and avoid waiting for your turn by downloading one on-demand car wash application, which will be your ultimate solution. This is one of the most popular apps at the moment. People appear to have been waiting for an app that would allow them to book car wash services and avoid having to visit a dealer's facility regularly.

The app's ease of use and wide service have fuelled the trend of car wash apps looking ahead to the future. According to the research, almost 60% of the population chooses to use an online car wash reservation system. On-Demand car wash app connects car washers and customers for their car washing services. The car washing app is available for Android and iOS platforms. Get a 100% customizable app to increase your brand value, revenue and customer reach. Our app is a perfect fit for a car wash startup that wants to start its own business. You get to manage the entire business from a single end with a strict monitoring facility.

Benefits of Car Wash App Development

Suppose you want to start a new business and think about a car washing app. But first, you get a question in your mind why do we invest in a car wash application?

Well, you are not the only one who is wondering the same. More than 1 million car wash facilities in the US are also wondering the same.

lear up your dilemma and prepare to invest in the million-dollar revenue-generating industry.

There are two types of application available, dedicated apps, and aggregator apps. No matter which model you choose for your business, there are so many reasons why you should invest in an on-demand car washing app development.

Easy Appointments – You can enable your customers to quickly search for car wash services in their area and book an appointment.

Easy Scheduling – Users can easily schedule the car wash at their preferred time. It will prevent them from standing in long waiting queues.

Service Packages – Washers can offer a variety of car wash packages as per the car model or wash type based on different pricing. More packages mean more options for customers to choose from.

Online Payment – Customers do not have to carry cash to the car washing service center. They can pay through an online payment method.

Instant Access – Make sure your app works both ways, online and offline. It enables users to use the app and its features even if they do not have offline access.

Quicker Response – Quick response is another reason you should invest in car wash mobile app development. Such is a win-win feature for both parties as dealers can get a rapid response from customers and vice-versa.

What we offer in our Car Wash App

People prefer online car wash services for a variety of reasons, and this gives endless opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, developing an app from scratch costs a fortune. So, availing of a customizable mobilewash or washe like app software is a better option, which is possible at an affordable price. However, building a car wash application from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. In addition to the huge costs involved, replicating a development model like mobilewash requires a team of dedicated developers who can bring an app to reality. However, the good news is that car wash app development is possible through a readymade mobilewash app. Purchasing our readymade car wash app can help you accelerate your car wash app development at lightning speed and drastically reduced costs. In addition, the script is fully customizable and white label.

Suppose you have to build a car wash app with minimum possible functionalities. You decide to go the conventional way to assemble the entire application. This would not only require a huge time and investment but also end you up spending more. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a readymade app, you can instantly reduce the estimated costs by a significant 75%. Car wash startups can buy our car wash app from the website at an affordable price.

Customer App Features

A feature-rich customer app provides seamless services to your users without any glitches and hitches.

Car Details

Fill in car information required such as model name, year, car color, and other specific details to select the right wash service.

Book A Slot

You can define the available dates and times prior to a car wash’s service. Helps plan for recurring services proactively.

Push Notifications

It will notify the car washers and users if a new order is successfully placed or cancelled.

Wash Scheduling

Users can come to the app and schedule their bookings for car wash as suitable to them and the service providers.

Multi-payment Options

With the app, you can offer the user multiple modes of paying for the service you provide according to the kind of wash plan they pick.

Wash History

This section will show the history of all the washes that have been made and upcoming washes if any.

Car Wash App


The washer app is a most important part of a car washing app. We provide the most advanced features in our washer app.

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Washer Profile

Washers can make their profiles on the app to offer a complete array of wash services provided, timing, and exclusive services served, and so on.

Wash Request

Admins send the washer a new wash request of the user in its locality. The washer can anytime accept or reject the wash request.

Request Payment

Once you think the wash is finished, you, the washer can send a request for the payout to the admin. He can request payment for multiple services offered by the washer.

Wash Status

The washer can here update the realistic status of the car wash so the user is always in the loop of the ballpark delivery time of the clean car.

Upcoming Washes

You can see the list of upcoming washes that are scheduled for the day or week. This will help you prepare your schedule accordingly.

Reviews and Ratings

Washers can write reviews, ratings, and feedback for the clients to highlight the best clients and the disobedient ones.

Admin Panel Features

A fully functional web-based responsive admin panel. Multilevel menu structuring, Live tracking on mobile, manage customers, car wash bookings, Wash Status, Booking History, Payments, and other admin settings.

Washer Registration

Admin can control to accept or reject any washer request in the car wash app.

Manage Wash Request

Admin can manage car wash requests preemptively by offering top priority to washers who are sitting idle.

Create Wash Plans

Admins can design exclusive pricing packages depending upon the services offered, duration of the wash, location, and further.

Wash History

The admin can manage and view car wash history on the dashboard for smooth operations.

Manage Feedback

Admins can manage the star rating and comments of feedback shared by users and handle any malevolent activity.

Manage Payout

Once you receive a payment request from the car washer, the admin can verify the services and discharge payment to the washers’ account.

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Key Features Car Wash App


We offered different languages in our app. It will help to solve the customer's communication concerns.


We integrated with many popular payment gateways with multiple payment methods such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, etc.

Multiple Wash Plan

Washer can offer a variety of car washes as per the car model or wash type based on different pricing.

Change App Logo & Color

We can change logo and color customization in our app according to the client's requirements.


We integrate numerous local currency integration features to provide more easy services to your customer.

Real-Time Updates

The customer can get real-time updates of the car wash status so the user get exact delivery time of the clean car.

Referrals And Rewards

Customers invite their friends and help you to increase the user base. If any referral joins then the referee will get benefits.

Book Now or Later

A customer can book car wash service now Or schedule it by using the calendar with a later date and time by using the “book later” option.

Why Use Appicial's Car Wash App

  • car wash appWhite label, Pre-built solution
  • on demand car wash app100% Customizable
  • car wash scriptFaster Algorithm
  • car wash appMulti-location Support (multi-city)
  • on demand car wash appSecure with OAuth 2.0
  • car wash scriptBest Algorithm designed to improve user experience
  • car wash appUser-friendly UI/UX
  • on demand car wash appLower User Waiting Time
  • car wash scriptSetup of Server, Installation & Deployment
  • car wash appApp Launch on both iOS and Android
  • on demand car wash appFree Technical Support
car wash app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Here you find most frequently ask questions about car washing application.

To buy our car wash mobile app, you just need to place an order and we will deploy over ios/android app free-of-cost on your servers/app stores.
If you want to develop a mobile app from the right company, you need to get an overview of the client testimonials left for companies. You can check if a business is dealing in customized or on-demand app solutions. You can hire our dedicated developers for getting supreme quality products at a very reasonable price.
Yes, You will get full ownership of license base source code.
Yes, Our application can be customized to any extent to serve the On-Demand service business model. We provide Design and Backend Customisation as per business requirements.
Our Car Wash App solution is pre-built, tested and deployed on app stores, We completely value your requirements and we make sure to work on strict deadlines and complete the project in less than 7 Working days as per your brand name, logo and deploy on app store or play store.
Now, the application is built in the English language. However, this can be in a multilingual platform. We have already implemented - Arabic, Filipino, Urdu, Bangla, etc.
Write to us through Email/Live chat or call us for a live demo of apps and web admin panel.
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message at info@appicial.com or call on +91-886-021-3347.
We have implemented multiple payment options as per country.
Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand
Knet - kuwait
eZ-cash - Sri lanka
Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia
Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe
All are Native apps.
iOS App - Swift and Objective C
Android App - Java
Admin Panel - PHP
Yes, we can add custom features as per client requirements after the product purchase. You can contact us at info@appicial.com for the customization.
There is a team of technical experts for support. We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message to info@appicial.com or Call / WhatsApp us on  +91-886-021-3347.

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