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Your Go-To Guide to Mobile App Marketing: How to stand out and win love for your app like never before

While the popularity of mobile applications continues to roll on, companies are leaving no stone unturned in scaling their business through their well customized mobile apps. There is no point in creating a mobile business app just for the sake of having it. Modern day companies have very well recognized this fact, and are often seen rethinking their mobile app marketing strategies.

While some years from now companies would get their app developed and promoted using traditional marketing channels, today it’s a different story altogether. Immense competition and rising customer expectations call for businesses to put some serious thought and resources into marketing their apps.

What is Mobile App Marketing and why it Matters?

If we have to understand mobile app marketing in simple terms, it is the entire process of interacting with your customers’ right from the moment they hear about it to the time they start using it. In order to do this effectively, it is crucial to understand your target audience, explore ways to reach them and analyse their app behaviour.

According to a recent study, about 90% of the time spent by users on mobile devices is devoted to using apps. Smartphones are not mere devices today, rather are go-to channels for customers to connect with their favourite brands. Hence, in this ‘age of mobile’, one thing is crystal clear, that just a mere existence of your business mobile app will not do any wonders. You need to have a robust mobile strategy in place that can ensure that your app not only hits high download marks but is also able to win love from your users.

How to Market your Mobile App the Right way?

There are myriad ways to market your app, but here we have listed some extremely crucial marketing strategies that are a must to have in your mobile marketing campaign.

Choosing the Right Name and Icon for your Mobile App

While this may look trivial, but a right name and icon can play a vital role in an app’s success. Choosing an appropriate app name is not enough. It should be catchy enough to garner attention and should also make sense as to what service the app is providing.

It is highly recommended to include targetable keywords in your app’s name. This could improve discoverability in app stores. Also, a good icon can attract potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

While this a new area within mobile marketing, if used in the right way can bring positive results. An Influence marketer can be approached in many ways.

One can request an influencer to guest post on your website thereby creating the much-needed hype. Alternatively, you can ask them to create a buzz about your app by posting about it on their social media channels.

Analysing User Behaviour

This is one of the most mandatory strategies that must be a part of your mobile marketing campaign. Analysing user behaviour helps you get insights on your target customer, which can help you engage them in the right way towards your product.

To able to create an impressive buyer’s persona for your mobile app, collect all information pertaining to your target customers such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Personal Interests
  • Income Bracket

  • Alternatively, you can try collecting customer surveys or in-app feedback that can further help you do a deep down analysis of your customer preferences.

    Enroll for Mobile App Awards

    Getting your app listed across prominent technology platforms can help you boost visibility, gain recognition and reach a new network of potential customers. This can further improve your chances of securing a high authority certificate from leading media and technology outlets.

    Engage with Existing Customers

    Community building through exchange of dialogue is an essential practice for marketing your app. Make sure you are posting all the latest news, updates about your app on forums, discussion channels, social media platforms, etc. This will help you create a continuous feedback loop and help you stay connected with your acquired customer base.

    App Store Optimization for Your App is Necessary

    According to a recent survey, about 40% of users download applications based on search results and suggestions given by app stores. Hence, it is vital to ensure that your app is well optimized for acquisition. Use of targeted keywords in app name and description are important to improve SEO and visibility rankings.

    You can even use search ads that can help you escalate your app downloads. These ads pop at the exact time a user is searching for a relevant app and hence can instantly boost your app visibility.


    No matter how many efforts you put in marketing your apps, do not forget that the task is never complete. Mobile app marketing is an ongoing process that should continuously be revamped, updated, analysed with market fluctuations. Keeping your customers hooked to your app is an art and that requires considerable time and effort. Be creative and try to stand out among the crowd which is essential for the survival of your app in the present era of cutthroat competition.

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