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It is often said that good food can win any heart. Providing such good food is thus the purest act of kindness one can offer. Uber for catering is a platform which provides catering services in only a click from your phone. A catering department is the only department which provides lasting memories for guests and also creates a good income base for the business, by serving good food to customers. Having a good catering service is the core necessity of any event or function. Catering on-demand apps are the most convenient and user-friendly platforms which provide users of the app access to getting catering services as and when necessary.

A catering department can be a valid reason to improve any business, such as restaurants, five-star hotels or event planning businesses, and expand towards success if the quality of food and the service provided meets the customer’s expectations. Not only these businesses but booking for wedding and other such events prove to be the most business-expanding tactic as well. Guests who arrive in such events and avail the catering services help in expansion of the business by word-of-mouth, if they like their services. Uber for catering is the best place for such businesses to expand their reach to customers.

on-demand catering app development
uber catering app

On-Demand Catering App

With the advancement in technology, such services can be availed through catering on-demand apps. Such apps boost the popularity and outreach of your catering business. People can know about your business and see the ratings and reviews which is another factor that attracts customers. On-demand catering is one of the most useful methods of attracting customers. Uber for catering gives customers the facility to view the food menu, services, and facilities provided in the catering on-demand app through which a customer can analyze about which catering service provider they wish to hire for their events.

Appicial is a leading android app development company expertise in catering app development. For accessing uber catering, clients will need to log in and create their profile in the application. Then, a search for a catering service as per their requirements can be made. The client’s request will alert all respective catering services in the client’s near-by areas. The one nearest to the client will then interact with the client directly. The client can then mention the kind of food and another service that he wants. This on-demand catering service method is not only time saving but also very analytical. We’ll launch uber clone app and also make sure that they get approved on the respective stores. You’ll start to earn a better commission from the next day itself.


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Login/Register/Social Login(Facebook)

on-demand Catering application development

Categories & Sub Categories

Catering application development

Service Detail & Description

on-demand Catering app development

Custom Services

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Change Service Option

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Confirmation With Service Details

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Track Your Caters

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Pay With Card/Cash

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Call Customer Care

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Status Updates

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Call Your Caters

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Additional Features of On-Demand Catering App

on-demand Catering app development

User Friendly

Our catering app is user friendly. Very easy to use & with all age group people

Catering app development

Multilanguage & Currency

Our catering app design and develop in multi-languages & multi-currency

Catering app development

Referral System

Our catering app have a referral system in which user can easily refer this app to their friends & family members

uber Catering app development

Creative Design

Our catering app have very creative and unique design

uber for Catering app development

Multiple Payment Options

The payment can be done with cash, cards, e-wallets, payment gateways

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Book Now or Schedule

You can instant book the order / Services, or Schedule it according to your time

Catering app development

100% Customizable

Our catering app is easy to customize according to your requirements

on-demand Catering app development

Real Time Tracking

user can easily trak your requested order / services

What will you get?

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uber for Catering app development


uber for Catering app


uber Catering app development


uber for catering app development


on-demand catering app development
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