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Best Google Maps API Alternatives

Jan 27, 2023 Admin Google Maps API

Over the past few years, the cost of the Google Maps API has increased, and the number of free alternatives has decreased. It might have a direct impact on how much money most companies and retailers have set aside to invest in their web services. Additionally, the Google Maps API is closed-source and offers few modification choices.

However, businesses should think about looking for an alternative to this API so they may continue using store locators and other map services on their websites without spending a fortune. We will thus examine the top Google Maps API alternatives for you to use right now.

A store locator can be a better and more useful choice if your company has several physical locations. It's rare to find in an API something like Storemapper, which is a configurable shop finder that doesn't need any coding or development.

While Google Maps API is widely used for location-based services, this blog investigates alternative mapping solutions that businesses can explore. It discusses various mapping APIs, comparing their features, pricing, and suitability for different applications. Exploring alternatives ensures that businesses have a diversified toolkit for location services, reducing dependency on a single provider and potentially offering cost savings.

What is a Google Maps API?

Google Map API Alternative

An example of an API is a map API, or "Application Programming Interface," which offers developers access to Google Maps features and data for their programs. You could use the Google Maps API to add customized Google Maps to your app or website. To register for and receive a Google API key, follow these steps:

  • On the Google Maps Network home page, select Get Began.
  • If you don't already have an account with Google, you must log in or create one.
  • Google will guide you through the steps involved in signing up for a free trial of its Cloud Platform. After reading and agreeing to the terms of service, click.
  • On the following page, enter your phone number to confirm your identification before clicking Submit Code. After entering the acquired verification code, click Verify.
  • On the following screen, choose your account type (individuals or businesses) and input your brand names. Enter your debit card or credit card information next. Google won't charge you for activities unless you set up an automatic payment.
  • After receiving your API key in step 6, you must copy it to the clipboard. Do not share this key with anyone but the team members that use the API, and keep it safe at all times. You can also activate complete Google Maps API access and sign up to receive updates about the current budget.
  • Select Create a Demo if you want to learn the basics of the Maps API. If not, select "Perhaps Later." Let's use "Maybe Later" for the time being.
  • Google also suggests banning requests performed using your API key to prevent bad use if it is stolen. Before you may limit your key, select the restriction type from the Designate constraint type choice (depending on your enterprise) and any further information required for your constraint. After that, select the Restrict Key.

Best Google Places API Alternatives

If you share our unhappiness with Google's recent announcement of changes to its Maps product, then you've come to the right place. Since there are only about six weeks left until the adjustments take effect, developers must work quickly to audit, adapt, test, and execute a new strategy. So, as a way to speed up the process, a list of possible alternatives to the Google Maps API is suggested.

1. TomTom

Google Map API Alternative

TomTom has a great track record for location tracking. Additionally, their high-quality maps offer individuals and organizations dependable options. Although TomTom is and has always been a subscription service, it offers a wide range of charting and seafaring capabilities.

TomTom Features
  • Provides a variety of mapping capabilities, including route mapping, traffic levels, vector charts, and geographical search
  • Daily free trades of 2,500 — far higher than the google maps API
TomTom API Price

The assistance would be compensated. There is a charge of roughly $0.50 for every 1,000 queries after the first 2,500 are free.

2. Mapbox

Google Map API Alternative

Mapbox is a modern, flexible mapping service that can be used in mobile apps. With the Mapbox tile sets, programmers would have had full access to location data and could have made and changed both dynamic and static maps. Styled maps can be added to online apps using the JavaScript library that comes with them. Mobile apps can add them using the iOS and Android SDKs.

Mapbox API Features
  • Free for up to 50,000 web loads and 25,000 mobile users
  • Simple to include in mobile and online apps
  • Excellent data
  • Map modification is simple
  • Pleasant to the eye-base map
Mapbox API Price

Mapbox has a $50.0 starting price per month. Only one bundle, named Essential (Maintenance Plans), is available from Mapbox, and it costs $50 per month.

3. OpenLayers

Google Map API Alternative

A free solution for displaying dynamic charts on a website or application is OpenLayers. Even though the API can only handle raw geodata, it builds its tiles from many sources, including OpenStreetMap.

With OpenLayers, you may create vector layers on the map per industry standards and set markers wherever you like. Not a major deal for a service that is free!

OpenLayers Features
  • Tiled Layouts
  • Indicators
  • Vector Maps
OpenLayers API Price


4. Mapfit

Google Map API Alternative

In every country, Mapfit claimed to be more precise than Google Maps and to offer customers the highest caliber location tracking. The business also gave programmers access to APIs so they could design the most complete location-based experiences. Crunchbase says that Mapfit got a total of $6.1 million in funding from late 2016 to mid-2018.

TomTom Features
  • Using the map tile API, subscribers may launch a vector tile network with global coverage in only a few minutes.
  • Walking, motoring, and bicycling instructions to/from any location worldwide using the routes API.
  • This geocoding API enabled people to discover any location, area, or point of curiosity by converting locations to entrance-aligned geographical coordinates.
Mapfit API Price

Customers can opt for the $1,499/month corporate membership, which includes 5 million map sessions, or they can pay $0.50 for every 1,000 additional API queries done by Mapfit.


Google Map API Alternative

HERE is the clear leader in the geolocation ecosystem, so it's not surprising that its custom maps work better than expected. They have great accuracy and virtually daily updates to their wide-ranging coverage.

All of the features from other providers, like Blaze, information about public transportation, and other services, are included in the adequately capable. However, because it is very different from what we suggested before, you should look at their pricing strategy below to see if it is better for you.

HERE API Features
  • Tiled Mapping
  • Map Visualizations
  • Geolocation Search
  • Custom Layouts
  • Vector Layouts
  • Public Transportation
  • Indicators
  • Route Planning

Access is free for the first 250,000 requests per month, and then it costs $1 per 1,000 requests after that or $449 for 500,000 requests per month.

6. OmsAnd API

Google Map API Alternative

For iOS and Android users, this navigation API developed by a Dutch company replaces the Google Maps API. Google Maps also offers several of OmsAnd's capabilities, like publishing destinations and finding local points of interest. However, they also use OpenStreetMap as the foundation for their navigational data. OmsAnd is one of the paid APIs. It comes in a basic version, and you can add more features to it to make it more powerful.

OmsAnd API Features
  • Identical to Google Maps’ well-known main features for most users
  • Customers may download whole maps from different areas or nations
  • Additionally, it can show certain satellite pictures from Bing
  • With its outstanding offline functionality
OmsAnd API Price

Free and paid bundles

7. LocationIQ

Google Map API Alternative

If your project needs geocoding or reverse geocoding, LocationIQ can be a great substitute. The most popular package for business users is 50,000 connections per day for $100. For non-commercial use, 10,000 operations per day are free because of how low the prices are. LocationIQ would use OpenStreetMap as its data source.

LocationIQ API Features
  • Location APIs Raster, Vector Mapping layers, Dynamic analysis Maps Address APIs: Reverse local basis, forward geolocation, Autocomplete
  • Routing APIs Nearest, Nearest, Distance Matrix, and more
LocationIQ API Price

The monthly price is $47.21 to start.

8. Leaflet

Google Map API Alternative

Open-source alternatives have been quite successful for developers. This trend is also present in the market for mapping APIs. Leaflet, one of the open-source API options for Google Maps, has become very popular because of its cutting-edge JavaScript data foundation and the fact that it can be changed. Leaflet is the preferred choice for programmers that favor open-source software, even though you would need to hunt for some third-party solutions to manage that element since Leaflet would not be a mapping service.

Leaflet API Features
  • A free, open-source API with a javascript object library
  • Fully adaptable
  • Compatibility with additional mapping API services
Leaflet API Price

Unlike Google Maps and several other all-in-one solutions, Leaflet is merely a JavaScript library. Despite being available for free, it does not provide impartial map data.

9. Jawgmaps API

Google Map API Alternative

The Paris-based Jawg API offers a free tier with 50,000 map visits for non-commercial use. The above-mentioned helpful video shows how to switch from Google Maps to Jawgmaps in under a minute. The good news is that you can understand French even if you don't know how to speak it. to see their full price list. There are many more Maps API alternatives available, so this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Jawgmaps API Features
  • Activity Monitor
  • Locating a location automatically
  • Categorisation/Grouping
  • Icons and colour codes
  • Modifiable Fields
  • Personalised branding
  • Data export and import
Jawgmaps API Price

Starting at €250.00 per month.

10. MapTiler

Google Map API Alternative

MapTiler has APIs for global highway and satellite mapping that are powered by open-source software and open data. Due to its vector tiles, MapTiler is compatible with Leaflet, OpenLayers, accessible Mapbox SDKs (along with Android, iOS, and Unity Sports), and accessible Mapbox SDKs (along with Android, iOS, and Unity Sports), giving programmers the essential tool versatility. Their maps are 80% less expensive than Google Maps and may be shared or simply customized with brand colors.

MapTiler API Features
  • Tiled Maps
  • Building Elements
  • Location Query
  • Indicators
  • Route Finding
  • Vector Layouts
MapTiler API Price

The starting price is $3,450.

11. GraphHopper

Google Map API Alternative

You can add route planning, mapping, and traffic-aware network planning to your software for food delivery services or traveling salespeople by using online resources. They help your GIS, real estate investment, or logistics software optimize the route alternatives.

GraphHopper API Features
  • GraphHopper API
  • Cost-effective
  • Allowable Terms
  • For Outside
  • Simple to implement Global Access
GraphHopper API Price


12. Sygic Maps

Google Map API Alternative

Cloud-based mapping is available from Sygic, HERE, TomTom, OSM, and a few more suppliers. Even though they don't post their prices online, they promise that they are cheap and easy to get to. This has helped them attract 200 million people in the past 15 years. Here, you can quickly obtain an example API key.

TomTom Features
  • Lifetime Updates for Offline Maps
  • Traffic Data in Real Time
  • Speed restrictions Voice assistance
  • Display in the Head
  • Map availability and dashcam delivery services
Sygic Maps API Price

There is a price. $ 11.99. $ 19.99.

13. OpenstreetMap

Google Map API Alternative

In OpenStreetMap, a "function" is a geographical object that can be mapped. Even though OpenStreetMap is about making maps of the real world as it is now, it can also be used to map manufactured goods and the environment. We don't include personally identifiable information like ratings, past data, or fictitious attributes.

Openstreet Map API Features
  • Map Types Include Tiled Maps
  • Route Mapping
  • Custom Maps
  • Vector Layouts
  • Markers
Openstreet Map API Price


14. Geoapify API

Google Map API Alternative

Get affordable access to maps, geocoding, navigation APIs, and more. A less expensive alternative to Google Maps is the Geoapify API. For large request quantities, we offer exclusive discounts and a variety of pricing options. An immediate change might save almost 90%.

Geoapify API Features
  • Geodata Accessibility
  • Location and Position Search
  • Route Planning
  • Reachability Assessment
Geoapify API Price

The first unmetered API query costs 700 euros.

How Can We Assist You?

Over the past few years, the price of the Google Maps API has climbed dramatically while the availability of free feature alternatives has dropped. And these changes can directly affect the budgets most businesses and merchants have set aside for their online offerings. Additionally, Google's Maps API is closed-source and provides few options for customization.

Businesses should look for a fix for this API so they can continue to use shop finders and other mapping services on their pages without paying a fortune. Do you have any interest in the the Google Maps API alternatives? Also, you should think about how reliable and useful a possible Google Maps API replacement is. We have compiled a list of services that reviewers believe are the best alternatives to and competitors to the Google Maps API.

Final Thoughts

A map is now an essential part of progress, without which you would be helpless. They are essential to geolocation and warehouse management services in all industries. Learn more about the 16,865,891 domains that make use of the Google Maps API. Maps enable accurate traffic monitoring, range assessment, and time forecasting for your logistical strategy. They are applied to improve operational efficiency generally.

Speak with a reputable taxi app development company like Appicial. We can give you the information you need to improve your staff and help you integrate the map API. We have created navigational services, such as real-time traffic monitoring, route optimization solutions, and transportation software solutions, so we are familiar with what faultless map API integration looks like. Please get in touch with us, and we'll help you scale your map API integration effectively.

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