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How to Make an Uber Like App?

Aug 01, 2019 Admin Taxi App Development

Today people who live in large cities with too much traffic and busy streets refuse to use their vehicles in favor of taxi app like Uber. The increasing demand for taxi rides has led businesses to think about "How to make an Uber-like app"? The development of the taxi app seems to be an extremely reasonable move for entrepreneurs and transport organizations. Now new apps keep on cropping up and there are many advanced taxi apps for sale. Since an organization that has received worldwide recognition in this field always serves as a role model for others, thus you must comprehend an organization's approach towards the technology and business procedures for finding out how to develop an Uber clone taxi app?

Features Of Uber Clone App

To determine the price for building such an app, you must identify all the essential features of this application. These features are a must to have and you can't develop a taxi app without these unique features. So, to have features in the app include:

Creating an app like Uber involves careful planning and strategic decision-making. This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to make an app like Uber, covering crucial aspects such as market research, feature selection, and the technology stack. Explore the design considerations and user experience elements that contribute to the success of ride-hailing apps. Whether you're a startup or an established business looking to diversify, this guide offers valuable insights into the process of creating a competitive and innovative app like Uber.

Signup And Profile Creation

The basic design architecture of the taxi service app should be user-friendly and straightforward. The same should also hold for the profile creation page. Before using this app, the user has to create a registered account with this platform. It should include the name, password and contact details of the user.

Track Your Ride

The uber clone app should allow the passengers to track their rides once they have already booked them. When a customer enters the pickup and the drop location, the cab driver accepts the ride request and drives to the pickup point. To determine the cab driver's distance from the pickup location, the customer tracks the driver's location through the map integration feature of the app. So uber clone is perfect for monitoring the whole journey, which makes it quite an effective value proposition.

Fare Estimation

This feature lets the customers draw out a fair estimate for their booked rides based on the distance between the pickup location and drop-off point. The fare varies based on the vehicle selection for the ride and its availability. The calculation of the exact fair is done at the end of the ride through the utilization of an extremely powerful of the power algorithm of uber clone app.

Payment Gateway Integration

This is another crucial feature to be integrated into the Uber clone apps. For avoiding human errors and for the convenience of customers, the taxi app should employ an online payment procedure through the card. To proceed with the payment procedure during Uber clone app development, you have to comply with all the necessary provisions and policies of the country in terms of data security.

Book Now Ride Later

This is another unique feature of this taxi app. It facilitates users to schedule the rides in advance before the actual time of the ride. Once it is done, the passenger will receive a confirmation. The passenger will also receive the driver's details an hour before the scheduled ride and will be in a position to track the ride.


The developer should put a high-end focus on user engagement. After taking a ride, the user should be prompted to give feedback about the service and their overall experience. This is done not only for rating the driver’s performance for future reference but also assists businesses in determining the overall satisfaction of the customer. So, it is extremely essential to integrate the driver ratings as well as a feedback feature in your uber clone taxi app.

How Long Does It Take To Build An Uber Like App?

The whole process of developing a taxi app would take in between four to fifteen months. But this would, however, involve a lot of efforts from the side of the owner as well and also coordination with the app developer.

How Much Does It Costs To Develop Uber Like App?

The cost of Uber clone app development depends upon innumerable features like architecture, app developer’s rate, innovative features, country, industry and several others. The hourly rate for the development of the taxi app solution varies from one place to another. For example, it is $ 50 to 100 in the UK, $ 40 to 80 an hour in Europe. Considering all this, an approximately estimated cost may range in between $ 10000 to $ 25000 for developing either one or two of the applications (both for Android and iOS platforms) with admin panel. You should keep this thing in mind that you still need to maintain the app and apply the changes from time to time for the development of new interfaces, SDKs along with handling client’s request and many other features. So there would be additional maintenance cost incurred over the years.


Ever since uber was launched, the taxi app development process has increased to a rapid rate. The number of organizations looking for ways to start a business with uber clone script is on the rise. Taxi app development is a time taking and costly process, so businesses can also invest in a readymade app solution which innumerable customizable features. There are many uber app source code provider companies that deliver custom apps in Android and iOS that are being imbibed with all essential features required for the startup. Also, uber app clone is fully white labelled so that customers can launch it under their own brand name, logo along with currency and language.

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