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Main Reasons Why Your Company Should Become A White Label Mobile App Reseller?

April 16, 2020 Admin Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has undeniably evolved into one of the fastest-growing industries today. There has been a drastic increase in the utilization of mobile applications over a while. In the year 2016, a study reveals that approx. 62% of the organizations, whether small or large, possess an app or are in the process of acquiring one. Thus mobile app development has already emerged as one of the top-paying services.

Earlier, the cost that is charged by the mobile app development company for developing an app is huge. It was in the range of hundreds to thousands of dollars to develop even just a small app. But the developmental cost has started to decrease due to the emergence of easy-to-utilize app-building tools and white-label mobile reseller agencies.

Whether you are a developer with innovative app ideas or a marketer who wants to tap the fastest-growing market, becoming a white label taxi app reseller opens up the doors of opportunities for you.

Appicial sheds light on the benefits of becoming a white-label mobile app reseller in a competitive market. The blog outlines key reasons for companies to adopt this business model, including faster market entry, reduced development costs, and the opportunity to offer customized solutions. It serves as a strategic resource for businesses contemplating the advantages of white-label app reselling in the dynamic mobile app industry.

Reasons for starting your mobile app reseller agency

Given below are a few of the reasons why you should initiate your mobile app reseller agency that is geared towards start-ups and small organizations.

Huge Demand For Apps

Today almost all businesses want to invest in mobile applications. Even small business owners who don’t have the app earlier are looking forward to developing one. The latest trends in mobile usage by consumers are very well recognized. These mobile apps are not restricted to pleasing consumers, but many organizations require them for internal use as well, and the possibilities are just limitless. So, even when your existing client possesses an app for customers, they may still require another one to find the business solution within the firm.

Pocket-Friendly Cost Structure

Like any conventional business investment, it is crucial to consider the cost before making the most appropriate decision. You are required to outweigh the cost of the mobile app against the potential risks & profits that are involved. The good thing is that, unlike other business investments, you must shell out a large sum of money to become a mobile app reseller. The cost structure of the white-label mobile application is pocket friendly. In the majority of the cases, businesses pay monthly fees for seeking mobile app development services. Besides the cost-effectiveness, the white label app tends to deliver a huge return on investment for the organization. Although the way cost structure has been set up, there is plenty of scope for earning profits.

It is convenient to become a reseller

Well, it has become quite convenient, and nowadays, anyone can become an app reseller. There is no need to learn about coding or any other aspect of app development. Also, some app-building tools enable businesses to develop a mobile application from scratch without experience. If you owe an agency, it gives you an extra advantage as there is already the business structure setup. So, you must add your business requirements to the app rather than starting your business from scratch. Since there are many clients within a similar space or industry, and thus there is always a good chance that they also require similar types of apps. Thus, in this case, you can easily offer the same product to one or more of the clients. Just brand it according to their unique requirements.

Affordable Mobile Apps

Wellbeing a mobile app reseller means that you are offering products at a cost that businesses are in a position to afford. Since there is huge demand, you are providing a lucrative service at a lower cost than what the market is used to seeing. Nowadays, spending hundreds of dollars to create an app is overdue to the advent of the white app reseller program. So by simply spending between $ 1000 to $3000 with a monthly subscription of around $50 to 200, you can develop an app. Also, small business owners are in very much need of the services that the app reseller agency provides. Mostly they are also willing to pay the agency for crafting the mobile app strategy while they can focus on running their enterprise. Well, this industry has huge potential. It promises hefty returns and many potential customers, especially when you are considering the high demand and low cost of while-label app resellers.

Double growth expected this year

Apart from the existing high demand, immense growth is still being left in the app market. Today the app market is worth $50 billion, and it is expected to get almost double to $100 billion by the end of 2020. Thus you can see that there is a high level of growth within a short period. Thus mobile apps are here actually to stay for long. More consumers have already started gravitating towards companies that provide a seamless user experience. This means that there are quite diverse app requirements. The mobile applications also provide an opportunity to deliver an app-based e-commerce platform for running a retail store and also the capability to extend loyalty programs, discount coupons or much more.

Success Measurement

Well, when you enter a new business or venture, one of the most challenging aspects is to determine whether your decisions are paying off or not. Have you made appropriate decisions, or are your moves wrong? With the help of a mobile app reseller program, you can easily determine the mobile app KPIs that are quite obvious and convenient to track. It is not a guessing game, but you are surely in a position to find real numbers whether the mobile app is working or not. When creating a mobile app for the internal communication business, the metrics will be slightly different. In such a scenario, you require feedback from the customers and employees. The feedback is related to the experience of end-users. So based on what clients communicate, you are in a position to make alterations and improve your mobile app from time to time. So, maybe your first or second mobile app might not be perfect, but you will surely be able to improve as you continue. With the help of performance measurement metrics, you can determine what is perfect and what is not. Thus it is easy to measure your success, and apart from feedback that you receive from clients, you can also check the reviews that your app receives from various sources. So measuring the success of your app imparts you a chance to make adjustments in the pricing structure for the reseller program.


The white-label mobile app industry is maturing at a quick pace, and new entrants are flooding the market. So, these businesses with ready-made platforms, extensive templates, and wider reach are waiting to cover all your white labeling requirements. The cost is too high when businesses hire mobile app development companies in India. This makes app development tasks out of reach for small businesses or even agencies who wish to deliver apps to clients. Also, developing an app from scratch can be an extremely daunting process. Thus, white labeling can prove to be a turnkey solution for developing extremely powerful apps. Embracing this all-new technology can facilitate app development functionality to the platform without even spending too much of your time and money. Starting your app reseller agency involves tedious work, but with the right partner, you can feel fairly secure. First, you must assess the mobile app industry and market conditions before beginning as the first head of a white mobile app reseller agency. Whether you possess technical skills, you can become an app reseller. Due to low investment cost, you would be in a position to offer robust app solutions to start-ups and many small businesses.

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