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What Is Taxi Dispatch Software And Their Features?

Sep 13, 2019 Admin Taxi App Development

The taxi dispatch software is a advanced taxi dispatch system used for taxi app development companies. It is the way of allocating jobs to the drivers who are registered with the software application. In this dispatch system, customers are mapped with driver for the traveling for a certain period from pickup points to dropping points. The taxi dispatch system is mainly developed to ease of use of customer to book for any taxi and helping out to manage the data of them by any taxi company.

Let us understand the flow of taxi dispatch app:

  • On the very first time, the customer calls the taxi
  • A driver who is near to the booking location or in the zone of the customer will be assigned
  • There are three applications are attached with it which are given below.
  • Driver application
  • Admin panel application
  • Passenger / Customer application

So basically taxi dispatch app system is moving around these three applications so let us understand these three applications in details. What are these application and what is the use of it?

Driver Application:

The driver application has been build to help driver and customer both. When any taxi has booked, this application is responsible to send an immediate response to the customer and there might not be a chance of any type of miscommunication between driver and customer through the system. The main task of taxi dispatch software is it will not assign the same task to more than one person. If it does so, then there might be some discrepancy in software code. The same task will not be assigned to a different driver which leads to inconvenience and reduce the trust of a taxi brand. For every driver, unique user name and password will be assigned to login the software application and analyze and tracking

Driver Application Features

  • Those credentials have to be secured way an interpreter should not be allowed to do mislead.
  • The most important feature of this application is supposed driver wants to opt-out the cab due to some personal reason or traffic, that calls will be redirected to another cab which has been seen to nearby this cab or customer pickup point.
  • To keep the driver boost up and comfortable, all the analysis and statistic information of salary and commission is discussed with the drivers.
  • It is capable to show old records related to the number of rides and how much distance you have covered during the rides.
  • This statistical information should be able to retrieve information based on year, month and date.
  • If any passenger book the cab by using the app, the driver will get all the location information of the customer and he can pick the customer and by end of the journey, the passenger will get notified about the service which is provided by the driver, which might be very useful to improve the service.

Passenger Application:

First of all the passenger application should be very easy to use. We do not know that the customer is user-friendly with a Smartphone or not. So passenger application front end should be very easy to operate so that passenger can book the taxi in a very simple way. This software application should lead to an irritating inconvenience.

Passenger Application Features:

  • Booking of taxi procedure should be a very easy process where they could visualize what is going on the back end and by the end of the journey.
  • If the app interacts with the customer, so every window of the app should be very easy which means content should be written in simple language and very clear mode.
  • All the instructions should have in the form of better understanding.
  • Every passenger should have their login credentials like driver application. But passenger should be relaxed that they can sign up or login the system by using their Face book and Gmail account or any other authenticated medium.
  • In the advancement, passenger can define the group of known people whereas all the people can see the activities performed by the passenger which includes trips, number of rides, distance, number of rides, etc.
  • A passenger should be able to fill his wallet in a very easy manner which is used to pay the amount to the driver in a very efficient way. The wallet transaction will be beneficial and it reduces the time.
  • Refers and earn a bonus point for future use type techniques will keep connecting customer with the applications when they are off the ride time.
  • Passenger app should have the facility to see historical data like the driver app, which include how much distance you have covered so far.
  • Space should be assigned to the passenger to give their feedback regarding the rides.
  • The customer rating helps companies to improve their service and overall performance.

Admin Panel:

Admin panel has the full access of the system where admin can watch what is happening behind the system. Admin can monitor the overall performance and they will be provided with a dashboard to manage the system without any flaws.

Admin Panel Features:

  • Admin panel should help classify the customer based on their activities.
  • Categorized customer will be given advantage based on the engagement of the system.
  • Admin should have got the live update of the whole system.
  • Admin can allow more taxis in the hot region, where the demand is too high.
  • Companies should be provided of option for auto and manual dispatching system.
  • Admin should be capable to see driver activities and live journey updates and journey progress details which helps to reduce accidents.
  • Admin should be provided a toll-free number where customer can call and book the taxi for pickup.
  • Admin could able to make changes in the process based on the driver activities.

With all the above-discussed features, taxi dispatched system should function in a very good manner.

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