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Take Your Business To a New Height With Exclusive Uber Like Taxi App

Aug 17, 2019 Admin Taxi App Development

The Uber app has certainly set out the highest benchmark for all taxi businesses which are operating in a conventional way. After the stepping up of this taxi app into the industry, the cab businesses have already witnessed a booming growth over the past few years. Thanks to the taxi app development companies, Uber is being not only well known for its simple and intuitive design but it has already recreated the way cab businesses were operating since long. Some of the Uber clones were able to compete with it and cross the multiple of the hurdles that actually come in their way to become eminent players in the industry with others just remained confined to merely being the spectators.

Develop an on-demand taxi app with Appicial

One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the on-demand Uber clone apps is the convenience and user-friendliness which many other conventional applications fail to provide. The Uber clone taxi apps are able to impart an impeccable relief to the consumers by offering them taxis anytime and at anywhere. Without to book the cab a day or two before the ride, the Uber clone apps have become the most preferred choice of the consumers in today’s time.

Developing an innovative and brand new uber clone taxi app requires an extremely talented team of the app developers and also designers. The team should be in a position to develop the Uber clone script through the utilization of the latest and most accurate technology.

In the competitive landscape of ride-hailing services, taking your business to new heights requires a unique and exclusive Uber-like taxi app. This blog delves into the features and strategies that can set your taxi app apart in the market. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced safety features, explore the elements that contribute to the success of an exclusive Uber-like taxi app. Understand how a well-designed and innovative app can attract more users, retain customers, and elevate your business to unprecedented heights.

Innovative feature-rich taxi app

Let’s check out some of its unique features

Simplified Sign Up

When the design architecture of the app would be complicated, there is a lesser chance that the user would be retained on the device. It starts with the signup and registration on taxi app. You can buy the readymade taxi app from a leading and reliable mobile app development company which offers a simplified and user-friendly taxi app. Integrated and automated tracking system

The consumers will prefer the app which is easy to use and minimizes the efforts. Thus there must be a GPS enabled tracking technology in your Uber Clone App. It will pinpoint the location of users and they don’t have to mention their whereabouts every time they request for a ride.

Real-Time arrival status

The improvised taxi application should be integrated with this an innovative feature for providing the estimated time of arrival. It facilitates the user to track the cab in the real-time itself and determine when the vehicle will reach their destination.

Integrated and transparent payment gateway

There should be multiple modes of payments either through cash or payment through online. So the taxi app should facilitate the payment to various modes. Also, systematic fair details should be provided on the basis of the arrival time and the estimation of the cost.

Feedback and Reviews

This option facilitates the consumers to provide the feedback and ratings on what they have felt about the ride. They should also be in a position to take the assistance of in app help desk when there would be something wrong with the driver or the rider.

Refer and Earn

This is an exciting feature in the b where user can refer and earn as well. Every user creates his/ her account so they possess a unique code which works as the referral code for the other consumers when they actually download the taxi app for the first time. So when users utilize this referral code they will get the benefits out of it.

Admin Panel

For organizing and also controlling the processes of the drivers and also keeping the track of the customer satisfaction there is a need of the central control point. There is a web-based admin panel for managing the customer’s reviews, orders, drivers along with the locations, payments and also various other business procedures which are present in Uber.

How much it cost?

The final and crucial question is how much does it cost to develop the Uber clone? Well, the development of the taxi app is undeniably a complex procedure. The cost of making an app like Uber depends upon several factors like:

  • Cost and complexity of features
  • App architecture.
  • Platforms and operating system
  • Development of the capabilities, location and cost

The cost of app development varies from one location to another. The rates may vary from $ 40 in India to as high as $100 in certain parts of Western Europe and also the United States. Comparing the cost of app development in different locations, there can be quite a substantial difference in the overall expenditure. Looking at the time span which is required for Uber clone app development, again it relies on the complexity of the app, involvement along with the cooperation among the experts who are working on the project. For the development of the simpler version of this app, an app development team would be taking around 5 to 7 months time.


The businesses can also invest in readymade taxi app for sale. There are many leading mobile app development companies which provide the Uber clone source code for the Android and also IOS platforms. The Uber clone app works in real-time and comprises of the integrated payment gateway system as well. There are two of the main mobile apps which come with this Uber Clone Script. One is the passenger app which is used by the passengers for the booking purpose and also for tracking the cab. Another is actually the driver app which is being used by the drivers for either accepting or rejecting the cab requests for the bookings. So you can buy taxi app which is ready made and comprises of innovative Uber like features and can get it customized according to the specific requirements of your business.

Looking out to start your own venture like Uber? Try out our HireMe Taxi Uber Clone, the easiest way to kick-start your taxi business.

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