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How to create a food delivery app like UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, or Deliveroo?

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The food delivery app works as a middle man between customers and restaurants. Customer can view food item on sitting at own place and place an order to get the food item at own place and your selected food item will be delivered at your doorstep. There are so many benefits of using this food delivery app from both ends.

Customer Side

  • One of the biggest benefits of using a food delivery app through the customer side is time-saving. You need not visit the restaurant physically for your desired food.
  • Choice of food in the different restaurant on the click.
  • Customers can compare food prices for the same item at your home. This kind of comparison is not possible by visiting a restaurant physically.

Appicial's blog provides a detailed guide on creating a food delivery app similar to industry giants like UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Deliveroo. It covers the essential features, technology stack, and business strategies required to enter the competitive food delivery market successfully. This comprehensive resource is indispensable for entrepreneurs seeking to make a mark in the flourishing food delivery industry.

Restaurant Side

  • If you look out the benefits on restaurant wise, space will not occupy and that space will be available to others.
  • The crowd will be reduced at the restaurant.

Market research for the defining food delivery mobile app feature

As per the statistics, customer preferences have been changing by the period of time. Making order digitally and door-step delivery are growing time by time. Restaurant is also looking new ways to reach the customer, as we know that mobile became the need of people nowadays, so people are liking to browse anything through mobile device as compared to other devices like desktop computer, laptop computers, etc. So if people are spending much time on internet-enabled mobile phones which is also portable device. So the mobile application has become the inevitable tool to set up a business online. Customer is interested in the simplicity and accessibility of the online ordering service which should be provided in just one click. So developing a mobile app could be a better idea to reach a customer. In nowadays, most of the restaurants are approaching development companies to make a mobile app to give the food service to their customers on a single click. Small business has a slight chance to invest the mobile app development investment as compare to Uber Eats, Grub Hub. The food delivery app will allow too many restaurants to offer their goods and services through the collect all in one place like zomatto.

Examples of food ordering app and why they are so popular

food delivery app development

Uber Eats

In order to create a food delivery app, Uber is the taxi booking app which came up with an innovative concept to attract the customer and restaurants from all over the world. This Uber eats application is developed for android and iOS platforms both. Uber eats has included such a nice unique feature in their app like:

  • Scheduled delivery
  • Cashless transaction
  • Tip to the delivery guy
  • Delivery time estimation
  • Order tracking real-time

As for their service, uber eats charge the 15% of the subtotal. They are quite oriented and for excellent user experience through complete logistic support.

on-demand food delivery app development


This application is designed to serve the customer in the USA and UK only. This is known as for its food variety and partnership with the renowned national and international restaurants and local restaurants. The search engine not only focuses on the location of the restaurant's option but also focuses on cuisine like Chinese, Italian, European, etc. it also focuses on specific meals like pizza, salad, soup, dessert. The customer has the ability to save the address to shorten the order process. This application does not charge its customers.

on demand food delivery app development


If you are going to develop a food delivery app, then this is another example that is used widely in Europe, Australia, and Asia. The key success of this application is based on the local variety. They are partnering with premium restaurants that usually not offer home delivery service. The quality of the highest standards is the core of their software concepts. Deliveroo has limited ordering circle but they are known to deliver food in the minimum period of time. the charge depends on the distance and food delivery time only.

Consequently, analyzing the above platform we have found the answer to the question of how to develop a food delivery app. every mobile app has the number of must-have features but at the same time, they are looking the unique concepts that are enough to make them popular. Functionality planning is an essential step which is required when you are going to develop any food delivery app, if you do not have any kind of unique feature, do not think to develop this app, a unique feature is the core part of the success of any food delivery app.

Common features of food delivery mobile app development

So let us understand which unique feature should be added in the online food ordering app development on the basis of customer app, restaurant app, deliver agent app and admin panel also.

1. Customer App

This is the part where you have to do extra efforts to develop. This part is the main factor of success. So when you are developing any food delivery app, you have to think from the customer perspective more and more. If you provide more flexibility to the customer, there might be a huge chance to get the success of your business. This section required a fast interface, convenient and reliable control and trendy design. You have to design the software where the user performs three main functions which are:

Final Registration

The registration process is the very first step to build long-lasting relationships with the customers. If the registration process is too complicated, which might be one of the factor not coming back customer on your portal. So give the signup option with some existing accounts like Google, Facebook account.

Placement of order

Editing the order, placed the order and removing the dishes on the instant basis functionality should be added in the app. The order summary function should be included with the final price details where customers can confirm their order with the dishes as well as the order price and delivery location. Appointment time functionality in which customers can place the order in the advance.

Various payment option

You should include various kinds of payment options in your apps like a credit card, debit card, and cash options. The system of bonus coupons should be taken into consideration for the appreciation.

Delivery time estimation

Food delivery should be done on the estimated time.

Order tracker

Customers should be capable to track their orders in real-time. which will be efficient and boosting factor to drive your business in a positive direction.

Review and rates

You can be asked to write a review regarding the food delivery service from the customer and asked them to rate for this service. Which helps to understand the customer feedback.

2. Restaurant App

If we think regarding restaurant app, the app should be run on the tablet which will be helpful to customized the order as per the customer requirement and the second one the web portal for the business manager to lookout the customer review and keep the record of overall performances of services, quality, and popularity of dishes. This portal should be designed to add new menu items, upload photos of dishes, etc.


Since you are creating a food delivery app, you should create an account to manage the whole supply chain on their own basis. Protect data with the password option, restaurant verification procedure, legal business information, etc. there should be a questionnaire and restaurant management should answer those questions listed in the questionnaire.

Content management

You have to provide the facility to the restaurant to manage the content at own place like edit the working hours, address, menu offers, well-organized UI design will offer them to edit and add the dishes photo, deleting menu items, changing the cost of the item, etc.

Order management

Restaurant staff can update the status of an order once they are done with it. It will be conveyed by the app to the customers also. All the things should be done on a real-time basis. Send and push notification related to the order should be sent to the customers or courier both.

Restaurant management dashboard

In this section, management can view the status of a restaurant on a daily basis or weekly basis in the form of a dashboard which will be helpful to determine the productivity of restaurants.

3. Delivery Agent App


There should be the registration process for the delivery agent who can be freelancer, they can register themselves on the portal and start working as a freelancer on the commission basis. For this, they need to register themselves and validate to start work as the food delivery boy. During the registration process, they are required to fill all the necessary details like general information, photo, Mobile number, etc.

Order management

They need to have to find the order description, its specification, pickup location, delivery time and destination address. Taking into account, they are liable to accept and reject the order.

Delivery status update

When the order is pick up and complete, he has to update the status at least two times. It gives the information to the client and company both.

4. Admin Panel

A web-based admin panel for manage all aspects of your food delivery business operations from a central hub with actionable analytics for continuous optimization.

Food delivery app development cost

If we talk about the food delivery app development cost, which depends on the features. If you go with the basic features which we have discussed above then the development cost for the client perspective module will be Rs. $20,000- $30000.

If you want to develop a mobile app with the web portal for the restaurant, then the development cost will be $10,000 extra. And if you want to develop a portal for the courier service also then add $15000 in the above amount.

If you want to develop On-Demand Food Delivery App Development, you can contact the Food Delivery App Development Company with your quotation.

Case study of Grub Hub

Grub hub is the food delivery app that provides service in the country America. This app is connected with the local restaurants and it is founded in 2004. This company is Chicago based and this company has 19.9 million active users and 115,000 associated restaurants across the 2200 cities in the United States.

The founder of this company Matt Maloney told the interview that the idea came to his mind when he and his friend Mike became frustrated by the lack of dinner option and as well as the pain in the ass calling restaurants and reading our credits card.

Both are working in the real estate company and they have decided to apply a similar business model in the food delivery aggregator industry.

This company initially founded in Chicago and then moved to San Francisco to attract investors towards its business model. one of the tipping points of the company was the merger with its main competitors which is seamless and all these things happened in the year 2013. After that company goes to the public with a $3 billion valuations.

Case study of DoorDash

DoorDesh is the delivery service to screw up the local economies on improving accessibility to local businesses. They are focused currently on the food delivery service but they are planning to expand it. This company is founded by the Stanford students Andy, Tang and Evan Moore.

Business model

The DoorDesh business model is designed to benefit users as well as the restaurants. DoorDash enables the user to find restaurants and order food on one hand and on the other hand, it gives restaurants access to extend the customer base.

Silent feature of DoorDash
  • DoorDash hires own drivers who called as Dasher
  • Delivery charge per order is $5 to $8 for the customer
  • Commission of the company is closer to 20%
Door Dash works in 4 step models which are:
  • Choose order
  • Payment
  • Track order
  • Delivery

Case study of Uber Eats

Uber Eats has been launched in the US for quite some time now. They are expanding the fast-paced in India also. Uber ride has made success in the travel domain so they decided to invest in the food delivery aggregator. They have already worked on the business model and the same business model is required to serve in the food delivery industry.

I know Swiggy will prove the tough competitors in the food delivery industry and they have solid networks already but Uber Eats will try all the tricks to attract customers and restaurants to use their platforms. Uber eats announce that they will deliver the food to their renowned customer via drone facility.

Uber Eats will provide food delivery through foot, bike, cars, and drones also in the coming period of time. Uber Eats is eyeing on young professionals in the metro cities and joint families in the smaller town to increase the footprint.

Uber Eats business model is designed to charge restaurants partners on two fronts. First one is optional marketing fee for the restaurant comes up as in the preferred search like promotion fee for restaurants.

The second one is recurring revenue share, namely 30% cut on each order placed through the app.

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