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Rescript Your Go to Market Strategy with App Like Uber

Oct 11, 2019 Admin Digital Marketing

The transformed behavior of the consumer in the different goals in the metro cities serves as one of the primary factors reinforcing the need for seamless taxi booking. Conversely, in the local or small cities, people use a whistle to stop a taxi or book a taxi. There is also an opportunity for those small-town guys to increase their business and profit by getting an Uber clone script taxi booking app developed by a reputed company.

Get started with the idea to develop own app like Uber

Let us suppose you have so many taxis and agree with the concept of an Uber-like app and want to develop an Uber-like app for your company. What step will you take next?

Suppose if we speak about some taxi booking solution, you will realize that such a solution typically consists of a mobile app developer for android and iOS platforms. Mainly the app will have two interfaces. One is for the driver and another for the passenger. Apart from this, you are required to have a taxi management panel. Depending on the number of taxis running in your business, you can decide later if you need any type of website and call center for your taxi business to resolve customer queries. After that, central planning is the pricing strategy and payment option. You are required to provide several numbers of payment options for customers. For designing the pricing structure, it is very necessary to understand the compatible rates in your region or area and you should be aware of the competition. After researching the above points, you will need to guide the taxi app development company to customize the application that precisely meets your business requirements.

Appicial encourages businesses to rescript their go-to-market strategy by adopting an approach similar to Uber. The blog explores how Uber's success can serve as a model for other industries, emphasizing the importance of innovative technology, customer-centricity, and market disruption. It provides strategic insights for businesses seeking to redefine their market approach in line with successful app-based business models.

The technology used in the development of the mobile app

Before going into deep about white label taxi app development, firstly let us look at how Uber works. First, you let the app know that you want to ride and then the app identifies your location. To understand where you are and where you want to go, the app will find a nearby cab and inform the driver about the availability of the passenger. You will get the driver's details and taxi details along with his location within the specified time the driver will pick you up. On reaching the desired destination, the app will ask you to give a rating to the driver and the service provided by the taxi service company. After that your invoice will be generated and you have given many payment options like you can pay in cash, debit card, credit card, and mobile wallet.


Uber has a very smart feature, Geolocation, in the time of 2010; it was a dreadful effort to decode the location specified in android and iOS. Uber has invested their time in decoding the Geolocation for android and iOS devices.

Identify location through the device

Drive and passenger, both are required a mobile device to run this application. Finding the location of each other, the core location framework is an easy task. The Core Location framework provides some classes and protocols. With this framework, the app is empowered to define the geographic region and easily monitor the user's movement.

Google is also having this kind of features. Google provides API for developing location-based applications and location-based features while intelligently managing the underlying technology.

Offering Driving Direction

Google maps is the preferred technology used to find the exact location and point the direction to the driver on a map. Google map android API empowers the development of the location-based android app for accessing the direction.

Push Notification and Short Messaging Service

Notification plays an important role in app development. Notification is mandatory to send notifications to the passenger and driver for the next action. For example, after booking a cab user will receive the notification and the driver will accept it and send another notification update to the user. In the cancellation of the request, the driver will get this information through the notification. It is the choice. You want this information through the notification or by SMS.

To integrate notification, a third party service is necessary. Apple push notification service is used in the iOS development and Google cloud messaging service is used to provide push notifications for the android app.

Payment Integration

You have to provide several payment integration methods in your app. You need to provide payment through debit cards and credit cards. Braintree is the leader of the mobile payment market. Stripe is one of the outstanding options for receiving payment. Paypalmobilesdk.io is a nice choice for payment integration. Apart from the above options, apple pay and Google wallet can be the option.

Total cost in developing an app like Uber clone script

The uber clone script is divided into three sections like app for the user, driver and admin panel. Development cost usually depends on the design, app development and back-end development, web development, project management, and quality assurance.

Passenger App Features

  • Register / Login: Social media integration is required for registering or login the app.
  • Booking Interface: Interface for feed ride destination for booking or scheduling the cab.
  • Fare Calculator: For calculating the total cost of the trip.
  • Rating & Review: Customer feedback for the driver and customer both.
  • Messaging Service: Instant messaging to driver and customer both.
  • Payment Options: How the customer make payment by using a debit card or credit card or some other options.
  • Push Notification: Keep passenger updated with driver details and vehicle details and time taken by the ride.
  • Ride History: Store and display previous rides with receipts.

Driver App Features

  • Driver profile and status
  • Order notification
  • In app navigation
  • Estimation
  • Reports

Admin Panel

This is the medium used to control the online taxi booking business by reviewing, managing and storing all the in-app activities. This panel offers you a quick view of all the associated processes happening on the way between passenger and driver. With this admin panel, you can manage payroll and revenue and collect data from the clientele for later enhancement.

By using the above points, you have gained knowledge for Uber clone script and garb clone script for taxi app development.

This is the detailed information on re-script your go to market strategy with uber clone app.

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