How to make an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEATS / DoorDash

How to make an On-Demand Food Delivery App like UberEATS / DoorDash?

Aug 02, 2019 Admin Food Delivery App Development

Since food is the basic necessity of human beings, the market for online demand food delivery is only going to grow larger with time. Thus, a well-developed food ordering application has an extremely bright chance of achieving success in the market. Even the statistics show that food delivery has continued to demonstrate the progressive growth which was being noticed in the last few years. So if you have a plan to develop a food delivery app just like Swiggy, UberEats, then it is surely the right time for you.

Before diving deep into the specifics of the food delivery app development process, you need to know that there are two specialized approaches for developing and operating this application.

Depending upon the type of service provider which you actually going to get involve, the food delivery app falls into two main categories.

Aggregator Application

In this online delivery model, it is actually the app which serves as a mediator between the customers and restaurants. It serves as a market place where restaurant owners offer the services and customers choose the one that they like and make payments. The deliveries will be done by the restaurants on the basis of their own convenience.

The on-demand food delivery sector is booming, and this blog serves as a practical guide on how to create a successful on-demand food delivery app. From ideation to implementation, discover the crucial steps involved in developing a user-friendly and efficient app. Learn about the essential features, technological considerations, and market strategies that can make your on-demand food delivery app stand out. Gain insights into the user experience, payment options, and delivery logistics that contribute to the overall success of a food delivery app.

Delivery Service App

Apart from the restaurants and consumers, there is a third user group involved in this particular model which is the delivery service providers. So, here the app itself will carry out the deliveries and the restaurants need not to hire the deliverymen and arrange for the deliveries.

Some of the common features to be included in the food delivery app are listed below:

Define Target Audience

This is actually an initial step of an food delivery app development which involves extensive market research. You have to define a range of audience whom you are actually targeting. Since the apps are mostly utilized by people who have quite a busy life style like professionals, students etc. Hence these people should be your primary target group.


The consumer, driver or restaurant owner whoever wants to be a part of your online delivery service should be in a position to register in your app and create their profiles. There are certain things which are required to be taken into consideration for the registration purposes. Since consumers and drivers are actually individuals, thus they should be allowed to register through their personal emails or social networking accounts. The restaurants should be allowed to register through corporate emails.

User Account

The personalized account of the user actually works as an administrative centre and serves as the database at the same time. The information of all the users will actually be saved in the system. It can either be the list of the favourite restaurants of users, dishes, order history or the various delivery addresses.

E-payment Gateways

When users will be in a position to place the orders from their homes or offices, then they also want to make online payments for their purchase. Today all leading food delivery apps provide this amazing feature where a variety of the payment gateways are integrated. The users can make the payment through visa, PayPal, debit card, credit card without any sort of the hitch.

Estimated Delivery Time

In today’s fast paced world, consumers are actually looking for quickest deliveries of ordered food with high-end efficiency. Thus in your on-demand food delivery app, it is extremely crucial for you to add the feature of the estimated delivery time of the ordered food items. The app can provide an estimated delivery time which manages the expectations and reduces the anxiety level of the consumer. By taking into consideration all essential parameters, the delivery time is calculated automatically once an order is being placed.

Loyalty Program

You can actually implement a comprehensive system of cumulative bonuses on your food delivery online system making the customer dependent upon the number of previous orders made. The customers will be in a position to utilize the collected of the bonuses for availing discount on the ordered food or getting free of cost delivery.

Push Notifications

This is another eminent feature of the app which the developer should never skip at all. When the food delivery is about to be made, the app would actually send a push notification to the user to notify about the arrival of the food. After the receipt of food, the successful order delivery push notification can also be sent to the user and the restaurant owner for final confirmation.

GPS Navigation

This particular feature serves many of the purposes at a time. First, it facilitates the delivery personnel to get the directions while driving and finding out the distance between their current location and pick up and drop off points. By viewing estimate delivery time, the drivers can decide upon whether they should accept the order or not. Also, customers can track the deliveries in the real-time itself

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This is another striking feature which most of the consumers like. Since everyone today tend to look up the ratings and reviews before trying new things. Even with food delivery applications, it is just the same. The customers would like to check out the ratings and feedback from other customers what they say about a particular restaurant and the quality of its service. Apart from reviewing restaurants, they are also provided with a chance to rate the delivery personnel. So, in case the driver gets many of the negative ratings for getting late or damaging the food, they won’t get up delivery orders anymore.


The on demand food delivery apps provide deliveries to the consumers as per their own convenience and this is the reason they are quite trending in today’s time. However, the development of an on-demand delivery app is not a cakewalk and needs an extensive brainstorming. There are several of the factors which are taken into consideration like the most appropriate model, innovative features and the cost involved in creating such an app. It is better to start small and gradually scale up the business.

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