UrbanClap Business Model

UrbanClap (Now Urban Company) Business Model and How Urban Clap Works

June 24, 2021 Admin On Demand App Development

People may now communicate over large distances- Thanks to the Internet. And, as a result of the ongoing pandemic's uncertainty, the rate at which services are moving online has accelerated.

The UrbanClap Business Model is an excellent example of a successful online marketplace for people with varied abilities.

Urban Company (formerly Urban Clap) is a start-up founded on the premise that consumers can hire any service they want from the comfort of their own homes. It offers assistance to anyone who needs it.

Urban Company provides a mobile application that links service providers and clients on both Android and iOS platforms. The business has surmounted numerous obstacles to become one of the best and fastest-growing in the industry.

Explore the success story of UrbanClap and unravel the intricacies of its business model in this detailed blog post. Gain insights into how UrbanClap disrupted the on-demand home services industry and discover key takeaways for entrepreneurs looking to venture into this lucrative market. From service aggregation to the customer experience, understand the principles that contributed to UrbanClap's success.

If you are looking to build an UrbanClap clone app , you first need to understand the business model.

UrbanClap Successful Timeline

UrbanClap Business Model

UrbanClap Business Model

Brand Statement

ITo provide instant access to consistent certifications and affordable services to the customers.

1. Key Resources

  • A reliable mobile application
  • A super engaging website.

2. Key Activities

  • Using technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify the difficult user journey.
  • Personalizing the user experience across all platforms, including the app and the website.
  • Pricing is in charge of scheduling.
  • Reaching out to Tier 2 cities.
  • A dependable marketing approach for the business.

3. Cost Structure

  • Infrastructure in terms of technology.
  • Salaries of the employees.
  • Expenditure on the company's marketing initiatives.

4. Key Revenue Sources

  • Reverse auction.
  • Lead Generation
  • Commissions from the service providers.
  • Advertisements on the platform.

5. Customer Relationship Management

  • With the help of social media.
  • Customer support.
  • Review and rating by the customers.

The UrbanClap business model is based on the simple premise that someone sitting at home can hire help for various tasks. The UrbanClap business concept is a way to transform how soldiers of the armed forces are hired and paid promptly.

In recent years, potential challenges have been conquered, and the company has grown to become one of the fastest-growing startups in the country.

The business model of UrbanClap works in two ways

1) Fixed Charged Services

The company collects payment from the app for plumbing, electrical work, house cleaning and then bills the hired help. They deducted a different fee from the monies collected.

2) Services without Fixed Charges

The experts are paid for lead generation and sponsored listings by the organization. Customers are not immediately charged. They are familiar with the procedure. For approving the order, the specialist must pay a charge. If the expert can persuade the customer to pay for the service, the monetization is successful.

The user is offered five options from which to choose the most comfortable one. If the service provider's profile isn't visible, he will be given payable credit. If the algorithm is successful, the user will have to do less work.

Key Features of UrbanClap

Here’s the list of features you need to incorporate in your UrbanClap clone .

Customers Features

  • Simple Registration
  • Login With social media (FB, Google, Email)
  • Data Security and Safety
  • Provide Multiple Payment Options
  • Add Service Feedback
  • Keep History of Works Which customer Posted
  • Provide View local vendors Details
  • Design User Friendly UI/UX Interface
  • Use Advanced Search Filter
  • In-App Chat With local vendors
  • Keep Payment History
  • Chat & Quote History With local vendors

Local Vendors Features

  • Add service charges based on Hourly, fixed, and experienced base quotes.
  • Set Availability and Service Times
  • Fast & Simple Login /Registration Feature
  • Chat With A Customer
  • Reply to customer reviews/feedback.
  • Show Work History & Payment History
  • Keep GPS Location Tracking

Admin Panel Features

  • Full Admin Control Panel
  • Keep Work Records, Billing, and Payment History
  • Cloud Hosting system
  • View Locations Of clients and local Vendors
  • Advanced CMS and CRM system
  • Record Management System for Partners and Clients
  • Backup and Restore Facility
  • Accounts and Taxation Part
  • Globally Access
  • Set Ads and Promotions
  • Check the Sales Analytics
  • Notification Control from the Back End
  • Price and Subscription Plan Management

urbanclap business model

How Does UrbanClap Work

Service Receiver’s End

  • Users can use the app to search through a list of resources and choose the best one for their needs.
  • The UrbanClap business model allows customers to choose a specific service from a menu of options for a single product. The decision is usually based on the user's financial situation.
  • The customer must schedule an appointment after purchasing the package.
  • Users can use the app to test the service provider and its assets.
  • User can make the payments in advance or on the spot (Cash On Delivery).
  • Users give the app a rating and a review.

Service Provider’s End

  • The software serves two purposes: one for individuals and one for specialists.
  • When a service is sought, the practitioners in that field give notification. Whether they accept it or reject it.
  • The business concept of UrbanClap is designed to empower professionals to assess their job responsibilities and approve or reject service requests accordingly.
  • When the request is approved, the client and provider receive alerts to confirm the job.
  • If a user/service provider withdraws, then they will be charged as per cancellation policy.

How User benefits from UrbanClap

Enhance Visibility In the market

Mobile applications serve as a means for attracting customers' attention and are gradually displacing traditional sales methods—visibility to your target customer aids in forming appropriate connections.

Boost Direct Marketing

For present and future customers, mobile apps provide direct marketing opportunities. UrbanClap clone apps offer various services such as basic information, pricing, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds, search options, and more. To increase sales, app notifications notify users about discounts and forthcoming promotional offers.

Strengthen Brand Name

In today's competitive market, it's critical to seize opportunities to educate your target client about your brand and establish a strong brand image. Mobile Apps will improve your brand's recognition as well as the name and position of your

Better Communication with Customers

The enhanced efficiency of communication channels is one of the main advantages of the mobile business application. Customers can use the app to get answers to their questions and problems. Customers will be more engaged as a result of this.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand app like UrbanClap

The majority of people nowadays have access to internet services. As a result, home services give them the option of receiving services immediately at their place.


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