7 Steps To Raise Funds For Mobile Apps In 2019

7 Steps To Raise Funds For Mobile Apps In 2019

April 14, 2019 Admin Digital Marketing

"I have an idea of a million dollars." You should hear this a lot lately because the startup era is booming today. Two out of five people want to give up their jobs and need money for their "brilliant idea". Is that true? Is it so easy to get funding? Is every idea a million dollar ideas? Well, it's diplomatic, but one thing is certain: execution is far more important than just an "idea."

90% of new companies have failed dramatically, not because they have not been funded but have been poorly executed.

One of today's exciting new businesses is the introduction of the "mobile app". For example, any mobile app developer believes that his idea is unique and says, "I want to get money for launching my mobile application." They forget that customers are unaware of the idea but are interested in the final product. It will be useful.

Navigate the complex terrain of fundraising for mobile apps with Appicial's insightful guide. Tailored for the year 2019, the blog outlines seven strategic steps, including crafting a compelling business plan, exploring funding options, and showcasing the app's potential through prototypes. Entrepreneurs, developers, and businesses gain actionable insights into networking, investor engagement, and leveraging social media. This resourceful guide is indispensable for those seeking financial support to bring their app ideas to life.

Obviously, some factors limit the growth of the mobile application. Also, no investor will check the commissioning in the process of the idea / initial phase. It takes a lot of craft to make the "big idea" a "great product".

How to Get Angel Funding on Your Mobile App Prototype?

Here Are Some Handy And Basic Ways To Start Earning Money For Launching Your Mobile App In 2019

1. Angel Fund or start-up funding:

Angel investors are individuals who invest in companies that have a concept or idea that is paper-based and has not yet been realized through a developed application. If they believe your idea, they'll surely fund you, but only if they welcome your first published version of your mobile app.

2. Bootstrap:

Is it possible to restart your mobile app? Essentially, bootstrapping essentially means that you gain money through your work, savings, investments, or business activities, enough to get you started.

3. Self-Financing:

The first important tip is that you keep X / 2 for the future, even if you have an X amount. This is the case if you want to update or improve your departure later.

4. Applicant Competitions:

There are many application contests organized by incubators and fishing funds where the best ideas contribute to the financing of development. All you have to do is show them your best presentation and pitching skills.

5. Your Network:

It may be anyone colleagues, colleagues, friends and families. Call them, get them and check them for the business plan. In return, you can offer them part of your income.

6. Loans:

It's a risk, but not if you're confident in the beginning. Of course, you need to provide lenders with a solid business plan that includes market research, income forecasts, and so on. Banks provide loans to entrepreneurs to small businesses to show that their idea can bring about positive change.

7. Credit Cards:

Last but not least. Using a credit card can be a costly solution, but it can also help you get started quickly or get a boost. In fact, if you're able to get your mobile application off this media, you can use other sources to prove your work and gain more confidence in the second round of financing.

Congratulations! "Your application is scalable and funded". Do not be too excited. Although it may obviously appeal to you. As your prototype gets stronger, it's time to give your mobile application what you want to dream about the money that venture capital firms can fund. Now you need to find an expert mobile app development company or partner for your mobile app, who can transform you mobile app idea into mobile app.

Now, What’s Next?

Your successful prototype is a big step toward funding, but you have to convince even more VCs or board angels to break ground and take the mobile application to the next level.

Get Feedbacks: Since the beginning of your mobile application is at the original level, each comment is golden, as you receive direct suggestions from the end user.

It's a bit of adrenaline, right? Ultimately, getting money to start a mobile application is not easy or difficult. Everything concerns the chain of encouraging elements that expand everything to reach their goal. Do you have an idea from the beginning of the mobile application? Are you planning to do it soon? If not, what are the obstacles? Let me know in the comments section below.

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