Top Taxi Apps in Finland: Making Transportation a Breeze

Top Taxi Apps in Finland: Making Transportation a Breeze

Jan 31, 2024 Admin Taxi App Development

Finland, known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant cities, and efficient public services, is also home to a variety of taxi apps that make commuting a hassle-free experience. Whether you're a local resident or a tourist exploring this Nordic wonderland, these top taxi apps in Finland can be your trusted companions for getting around the country. In this blog, we'll introduce you to the most popular taxi apps in Finland and help you navigate the Finnish transportation landscape with ease.

The challenges faced by taxi businesses have faded into the past, thanks to the wonders of technological advancement. The development of responsive and efficient taxi websites and mobile applications has revolutionized the industry. In Finland, taxi booking apps and ridesharing platforms have emerged as the go-to solution for travelers and locals alike, offering a host of amenities right at their fingertips.

Finland, often revered as a top travel destination, boasts a landscape of a thousand lakes, showcasing a perfect blend of picturesque architecture, modernity, and rich culture. The country has also given birth to renowned brands like Nokia, Valio, and Kone, cementing its reputation as a hub of innovation.Despite its well-developed bus and rail network, Finland's preferred mode of transportation remains the tram. However, trams are subject to fixed timetables and do not operate round the clock. This is where ridesharing apps in Finland come to the rescue.

Ridesharing apps in Finland are particularly convenient when driving becomes impractical or undesirable. Moreover, Finland offers a unique service known as "KELA taxi" for healthcare-related journeys, with the charges for these trips being reimbursed.

The ride-hailing segment in Finland has witnessed impressive growth, with a revenue of $1.04 billion in 2021. This year, the projected figure is set to rise to $1.19 billion, reflecting a remarkable 14% increase in the industry's size.

Explore the best of Finland's taxi services with leading apps like Bolt, Uber, and Menevä! Embracing sustainability and convenience, these apps provide seamless travel experiences across Finnish cities. Thanks to Grepix's cutting-edge app development, getting around has never been easier or more eco-friendly. Whether you're a local or a tourist, discover a world of efficient, safe, and user-friendly transport options. Join us in transforming Finland's travel landscape—one ride at a time!

Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Finland


1.Bolt (formerly Taxify)

Bolt is a well-known name in the world of ride-sharing apps, and it has a strong presence in Finland. Operating in cities like Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, and Oulu, Bolt offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to book a taxi quickly and efficiently. With real-time tracking and cashless payments, Bolt ensures a seamless taxi experience for both locals and visitors.


2. Uber

Uber has made its mark in the Finnish transportation scene, serving the bustling streets of Helsinki. The Uber app provides a convenient platform to request rides, track your driver's location, and pay electronically. Uber has brought its signature ride-sharing model to Finland, offering competitive fares and a reliable service.


3. Menevä

Menevä is a Finnish taxi app that connects you with local taxi drivers. What sets it apart is its commitment to sustainability, offering eco-friendly ride options. In addition to booking traditional taxis, Menevä allows passengers to choose electric or hybrid vehicles, contributing to a greener environment.


4. Taksi Helsinki

Established in 1989, Taksi Helsinki commenced its operations in Finland, prioritizing the safety and accessibility of travel for passengers. Operating 24/7, this Helsinki-based business is collectively owned by 1249 taxi entrepreneurs from Helsinki and Helsingin Taksiautoilijat.Taksi Helsinki holds the distinction of being Finland’s largest taxi company, facilitating a minimum of 1300 rides for Finns daily. In addition to regular transportation services, the platform offers airport transfers for travelers and organizes sightseeing trips for tourists. In 2021, this esteemed company recorded profits amounting to $5.1 million.

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5. Lähitaksi

Lahitaksi, a Finnish ride service based in Vantaa, has been efficiently meeting ride requests around the clock since its establishment in 1965 by taxi entrepreneurs. With a seamless operational history, the service extends its reach to 24 cities and boasts a fleet of at least 1400 taxis, capable of catering to the diverse travel needs of passengers.

Lähitaksi is a prominent taxi service that operates in multiple Finnish cities. With its dedicated app, passengers can easily book taxis and enjoy a comfortable ride. Lähitaksi's commitment to quality and reliability has made it a trusted choice among both locals and tourists.


6. Otaxi

Taxi drivers in Finland are affiliated with Otaxi, also known as Oulun Aluetaksi Oy in Finnish. Established in 1991, this yellow-roofed taxi business exudes class and style, offering a fleet of electrically operated green taxis suitable for both small and large groups. Operating in various parts of the country, including Oulu, Liminka, Tyrnäva, and Muhosi, Otaxi provides its services every day of the year.

With a workforce of nearly 1000 experienced professionals, the company operates more than 600 cars to meet the transportation needs of individuals. Beyond traditional point-to-point travel, Otaxi distinguishes itself by extending services to the transportation of goods and food, as well as offering specialized services like school rides. This well-known brand goes beyond conventional taxi services to provide a comprehensive range of transportation solutions.


7. 02 Taksi Oy

The 2018 brokerage service, 02 Taksi Oy, can be aptly described as "Taxi options in your pocket." Operating in Finland, the platform has established partnerships with at least 40 reputable taxi services, including Meneva, Tatsilla, Liuttu, and K-taxi, offering a diverse array of options all within a single platform.

With a focus on both affordability and delivering a world-class experience, 02 Taksi ensures that passengers don't have to compromise between cost and comfort. The company's commitment to transparency is evident in its user-friendly app, where all relevant information is readily available for passengers to compare prices and easily pre-order rides. Covering at least 90% of Finland, this service makes taxi booking convenient and accessible for a wide range of customers.


8. Whim

Whim Taxi in Finland is a revolutionary mobility service that has transformed the way people travel in the country. With its user-friendly app, Whim offers an all-in-one solution for transportation needs, including convenient access to taxis. Users can seamlessly book taxis, track their rides in real-time, and make cashless payments, all within the same platform. Whim's integration of various transportation modes, subscription options, and commitment to providing safe and reliable taxi services has made it a popular choice for both locals and visitors in Finland. It has truly redefined the concept of urban mobility, offering a comprehensive and hassle-free transportation experience.


9. Kovanen

Kovanen is another taxi company that serves various Finnish cities. Its user-friendly app allows passengers to book taxis effortlessly. Kovanen offers a range of vehicle options, enabling passengers to choose according to their preferences and needs.


10. FixuTaxi

FixuTaxi is a prominent taxi service in Finland, catering primarily to the Tampere region. With a strong commitment to offering affordable and transparent pricing, FixuTaxi is a trusted choice for residents and visitors alike. FixuTaxi's dedication to providing reliable and comfortable rides has earned them a reputation for professionalism and customer satisfaction in the Tampere area, making them a go-to option for those seeking efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

FixuTaxi is a taxi app that operates primarily in the Tampere region. It focuses on providing affordable and transparent pricing to its customers. With the FixuTaxi app, passengers can book taxis, track their rides, and make payments conveniently.


In Finland, the availability of reliable taxi services through user-friendly apps has transformed transportation for both residents and visitors. The top taxi apps mentioned in this blog offer convenience, safety, and a range of options to cater to various passenger preferences. Whether you're exploring the vibrant streets of Helsinki, visiting the charming towns of Turku or Tampere, or venturing into the serene landscapes of Oulu, these apps ensure that getting around Finland is a breeze.

With real-time tracking, electronic payments, and a commitment to sustainability, these taxi apps reflect Finland's dedication to efficiency and environmental responsibility. So, the next time you find yourself in Finland and need a ride, consider using one of these top taxi apps to make your journey more enjoyable and stress-free. Experience the beauty of Finland, one ride at a time, with the help of these fantastic taxi apps.

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