Best Ride-Hailing And Taxi Apps In Jordan

Best Ride-Hailing And Taxi Apps In Jordan

Jan 30, 2024 Admin Taxi App Development

Ride-hailing and taxi apps have emerged as essential components of urban transit in Jordan, providing accessible, secure, and streamlined travel solutions. In this detailed overview, we explore the leading ride-hailing and taxi apps active in Jordan, examining their distinctive characteristics, range of services, and overall contribution to reshaping the transportation scene.

Ride-hailing and taxi apps have become vital to Jordan's urban transit, offering safe, accessible, and efficient travel options. This overview examines key players like Uber, Careem, TaxiF, Jeeny, and Petra Ride in Jordan, highlighting their unique services and contributions to transforming the transportation sector. Uber and Careem lead with user-friendly apps and diverse vehicle options, enhancing urban mobility and job opportunities. TaxiF and Jeeny offer localized, efficient services, while Petra Ride caters to Jordanian preferences with reliable and transparent options. These apps, integrating technology and focusing on sustainability, are shaping a dynamic, improved transport system in Jordan, marking a new era in urban mobility.

Best Ride-Sharing and Taxi Apps in Jordan



Uber, the globally renowned ride-hailing service, has made a significant impact in Jordan, offering a convenient and reliable transportation option. In Jordan, Uber provides a seamless experience with its user-friendly app, allowing residents and tourists to book rides with just a few taps. The app features real-time tracking, estimated fares, and various vehicle options to suit different needs, from budget-friendly rides to more luxurious options. Uber's entry into the Jordanian market has not only enhanced urban mobility but also created job opportunities for local drivers. Its presence in major cities like Amman has modernized the transportation landscape, offering a blend of convenience, safety, and efficiency.


2. Careem

Careem, a prominent ride-hailing service in the Middle East, has significantly influenced transportation in Jordan. Known for its reliability and user-centric approach, Careem offers an easy-to-use app that allows users in Jordan to book rides swiftly and conveniently. The app provides various services, including different car types and price points, catering to a wide range of needs. Careem has strengthened its presence in Jordanian cities like Amman, providing a dependable and safe travel option for both locals and tourists. Its emphasis on customer service and local driver partnerships has not only enhanced urban mobility but also contributed positively to the local economy.



TaxiF has emerged as a noteworthy player in Jordan's ride-hailing landscape, offering a localized solution to urban transportation. This app distinguishes itself with a focus on accessibility and affordability, catering specifically to the needs of Jordanian commuters. Users appreciate TaxiF for its straightforward interface, enabling quick and efficient ride bookings. The app offers real-time tracking, various vehicle options, and competitive pricing, making it a popular choice among locals and visitors. TaxiF's commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective services has not only enhanced the convenience of getting around in cities like Amman but also supported the growth of the local transportation sector.


4. Jeeny

Jeeny, formerly known as Easy Taxi, has made significant inroads in the Jordanian ride-hailing market, offering a user-friendly and efficient transportation solution. In Jordan, Jeeny stands out for its ease of use, allowing users to quickly book rides through its intuitive app. It offers a range of vehicle options to cater to different preferences and budgets, enhancing the travel experience for both residents and tourists. Jeeny's service includes features like real-time tracking, transparent fare estimates, and secure payment options. Its growing popularity in cities like Amman highlights Jeeny's role in modernizing and simplifying urban transportation in Jordan, making it a go-to app for many.

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5. Petra Ride

Petra Ride has carved a niche in Jordan's ride-hailing market, offering a distinctly local service tailored to the needs of Jordanians. This app is celebrated for its user-friendly design, enabling quick and hassle-free ride bookings. It offers a range of vehicle choices, accommodating diverse preferences and budgets. Petra Ride is particularly appreciated for its transparent pricing and reliable service, making it a trusted option for daily commuters and tourists alike. With features like real-time tracking and secure payment methods, Petra Ride enhances the convenience and safety of urban travel in cities like Amman, contributing significantly to the evolution of transportation services in Jordan.


The landscape of urban commuting and travel in Jordan has been significantly reshaped by the advent of ride-hailing and taxi apps. These platforms have introduced not just convenience and efficiency in the transportation realm, but also a spectrum of services catering to varied customer needs. From the luxurious offerings of Petra Ride to the budget-friendly choices of TaxiF, these apps serve a wide-ranging customer base.

As these platforms continue to integrate technological innovations and prioritize sustainability, they are heralding a new era for urban mobility in Jordan. This evolution promises a future rich with innovative transportation solutions. Leading apps like Uber, Careem, TaxiF, Jeeny, and Petra Ride are at the forefront of this transformation. Their varied services, focus on customer satisfaction and use of cutting-edge technology are paving the way for a dynamic and improved urban transportation system in Jordan.

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