Best 10 Ride-Hailing and Taxi Services in Ethiopia

Best 10 Ride-Hailing and Taxi Services in Ethiopia

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In Ethiopia, the ride-hailing and taxi service sectors have experienced remarkable growth, drawing inspiration from Uber's innovative model. This industry serves as a vibrant illustration of collaborative consumption, poised for substantial global expansion in value. Taking cues from Uber, Ethiopian enterprises have launched their ride-hailing services, bringing about a transformative shift in the commuting patterns of the Ethiopian population.

The ride-hailing and taxi service sectors in Ethiopia have experienced substantial expansion and progress, aligning with international patterns established by entities such as Uber. Here's a succinct summary of the content.

Snapshot of the Ethiopian Ride-Hailing Sector

  • The Ethiopian ride-hailing landscape has swiftly progressed, drawing inspiration from Uber's prosperous shared economy approach. It stands as a notable instance of collaborative consumption, necessitating engagement from all involved parties to foster expansion.
  • Goldman Sachs foresees substantial worldwide market expansion in the ride-hailing sector, projecting it to hit $285 billion by 2030. Ethiopian enterprises have enthusiastically adopted this paradigm, presenting inventive commuting alternatives domestically.

Impact of Ride-Hailing Apps in Ethiopia

  • In Ethiopia, the influence of ride-hailing applications is evident in the considerable shift in how people travel, particularly in cities like Addis Ababa. Commuting has become safer, more convenient, and more cost-efficient thanks to these apps.
  • They eradicate the necessity of negotiating fares and provide transparency in pricing, even in difficult terrain or adverse conditions.
  • The surge in the adoption of these services during the COVID-19 pandemic was exacerbated, with smartphones playing a crucial role in steering this transition.

Navigate the bustling streets of Addis Ababa and beyond with our guide to the top ride-hailing and taxi services in Ethiopia. This blog post introduces you to the leading transportation solutions that cater to the unique needs of Ethiopian residents and visitors. Whether you're exploring historic landmarks or vibrant markets, this guide provides insights into the top apps that ensure convenient and reliable travel experiences in Ethiopia.

Top Ride and Taxi Apps in Ethiopia


the foremost taxi and ride-hailing application in Ethiopia, was established by Samrawit Fikru. Positioned at the Sheger Building on Bole Road in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, RIDE serves as a comprehensive transportation solution provider. Users can access RIDE's services through a simple call to their dispatch center or by utilizing the RIDE app. The company boasts an extensive network of over 6,000 vehicles, available 24/7.

The application streamlines the booking process with features like map-based location settings, scheduling options, and various payment methods. It offers additional functionalities such as real-time driver tracking, detailed trip histories, electronic receipts, an e-wallet system, and a platform dedicated to managing corporate accounts. RIDE's dedication to customer satisfaction is apparent through its thorough trip reporting and effective ride management system.

2. ZayRide

Zaytech IT Solutions, a tech startup from Ethiopia established in 2016, is the brains behind ZayRide, an innovative taxi-hailing app. Emphasizing technology-driven transport solutions, ZayRide distinguishes itself through its vast network of well-trained and secure taxi drivers, serving both corporate clientele and the general public. Breaking ground as Ethiopia's inaugural electronic ride-hailing service, ZayRide is now expanding its footprint to Monrovia, Liberia. This strategic growth, in collaboration with Liberian company Hak Technologies, involves introducing 200 cars to the Liberian market. Spearheading this expansion is Habtamu Tadesse, the founder of ZayRide.

In a bid to diversify its services, ZayRide has recently integrated delivery services and is gearing up to introduce ambulance services. The company is also in the early stages of exploring new product launches and expanding its technology outsourcing team, backed by substantial investment. This infusion of capital is poised to fortify ZayRide's ambitious growth plans and facilitate the rollout of additional services within Ethiopia.

3. Ethiopia Taxi (ETTA)

As one of the longest-standing services, ETTA presents a cost-effective and efficient ride-sharing choice, accessible via both a mobile app and a centralized call center. Established by Temesgen Gebrehiwot Araya and Ambaye Michael Tesfay, ETTA operates as a taxi-hailing service under its parent company, ETTA Solutions Plc. ETTA stands out as one of Ethiopia's earliest taxi ride-hailing services and ranks among the top three in terms of size.

ETTA manages a ride-sharing platform that links passengers with taxi drivers, striving to provide both parties with a superior option for city navigation. Their focal points include affordability, speed, safety, and reliability in public transportation. Catering to the Ethiopian community, ETTA delivers its services through a mobile application, accessible on Google Play and Apple's App Store. Moreover, they ensure round-the-clock customer assistance through a dedicated call center, reachable by dialing 8707 from any phone.

4. Feres

Operating in Ethiopia, FERES has been providing a contemporary, cost-effective, convenient, and secure taxi-hailing service across Addis Ababa. As a proudly Ethiopian-owned enterprise, FERES endeavors to tackle prevalent transportation challenges faced by many residents, employing cutting-edge technologies accessible through both a mobile app and a call center (6090).Emphasizing timeliness, FERES delivers world-class services to its clientele, utilizing brand-new cars that meet stringent standards. Ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers is of utmost importance, evidenced by the incorporation of GPS tracking in all taxis to guarantee a smooth and secure journey. Since its establishment, FERES has effectively served over 300,000 customers, attributing this success to rigorous driver vetting procedures, extensive training, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional transportation services available 24/7.

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5. Ze-Lucy

A collective effort by Ethiopian taxi associations, offering metered taxi services through advanced technology. Ze-Lucy Meter Taxi S.C., a consortium comprising 18 taxi associations, has introduced its independent internet-based taxi-hailing platform. The company, operating alongside its call center, has equipped 751 Ze-Lucy meter taxis with this technology to enhance accessibility. This initiative was prompted by the termination of its agreement with Hybrid Designs Plc, the operator of Ride, eight months ago, resulting in an ongoing legal dispute between the two companies.

To develop the technology and establish the platform, Ze-Lucy has invested half a million Ethiopian birr and 1.5 million Ethiopian birr, respectively. ATN Technology Plc, a US-based IT company that commenced operations in Addis Ababa in 2014, played a crucial role in developing the system under a five-year agreement with Ze-Lucy Meter Taxi S.C.

6. Taxiye

Introduced in 2019, Taxiye stands as an Ethiopian e-commerce transportation platform providing ride-hailing services similar to Uber across Africa. The cutting-edge technology employed by Taxiye was developed, in part, by Elnet Technology Plc., a co-owner of the company. While Taxiye has successfully established its operations across Ethiopia, it has further expanded its footprint by establishing offices in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Taxiye distinguishes itself as a comprehensive transportation solution dedicated to delivering exceptional services to its esteemed customers. Key highlights of Taxiye's offerings encompass the convenience of swiftly booking reliable taxis through their user-friendly app. Prioritizing safety, Taxiye has implemented various safety measures to ensure passengers feel secure throughout their journeys.

7. Greetings Taxi

Hello Taxi, an Ethiopian ride-sharing app company, was founded by Cloud Worldwide Trading Plc. It took the company three years to develop the essential technology for their app, incorporating GPS and Google Maps. Notably, the service can be utilized offline, as they provide a call center option for a reasonable additional fee

In partnership with Prince Import-Export Company and Marathon Motor Engineering, Hello Taxi offers 2016 Toyota Yaris and 2019 Hyundai vehicles for individuals interested in joining their team. Special discounts are extended to women and owners of the classic blue Lada vehicles commonly seen in the city. Moreover, individuals with disabilities qualify for interest-free loans

Hello Taxi has ambitious expansion plans, aiming to broaden its services to various cities in Ethiopia, including Bahir Dar, Adama, Mekele, Hawassa, and others.

8. Grab Taxi

Making a notable stride in the East African ride-hailing sector, Grab Taxi has broadened its services into Kenya. Through its Super App, Grab Taxi aims to firmly establish itself in the East African region.

This foray into Kenya comes on the heels of a successful launch in Ethiopia. Although the company initially commenced operations in Ethiopia, drawn by its sizable population and promising market, it's noteworthy that the entire executive team is based at its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.Grab Taxi harbors ambitious aspirations, with plans to venture into Sudan and extend its presence into West Africa. Their overarching vision is to create a substantial footprint across sub-Saharan Africa.

Being an African-owned and operated ride-hailing entity, Grab Taxi brings local insights and innovation to enrich the experiences of both riders and drivers, all while maintaining competitive pricing. Nairobi, often hailed as Africa's technological hub, stands as a mature market in the ride-hailing domain, making it a strategic choice for Grab Taxi's expansion initiatives.

9. Yangoo

Yango is a multifaceted transportation and delivery platform that spans continents, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. The platform extends ride-hailing services, enabling users to secure rides through its mobile app, and also encompasses delivery solutions, such as e-grocery delivery. Yango has broadened its influence in diverse geographical areas, delivering user-friendly and effective transportation and delivery options across numerous countries.

10. ETTA (Ethiopia Taxi)

Although details about this service are not available in my knowledge as of January 2022, it seems to denote a taxi service in Ethiopia. Presumably, ETTA functions as a taxi company or app within Ethiopia, catering to the transportation needs of both residents and visitors. Taxi services play a vital role in facilitating travel in various regions, offering convenient mobility solutions for navigating cities and towns. Should you have specific inquiries or require more information about ETTA, please feel free to inquire, and I'll make every effort to assist.


Appicial Applications, a prominent player in taxi app development, has had the honor of closely collaborating with Ethiopia's leading ride-hailing and taxi services. Our association with these trailblazing companies has provided us with a firsthand view of the substantial impact they've had on Ethiopia's transportation sector. These services have not only revolutionized the way people travel within the country but have also played a crucial role in fostering economic growth. By generating job opportunities for drivers and enhancing the overall transportation infrastructure, they have made significant contributions. The top 10 ride-hailing and taxi services in Ethiopia, supported by Appicial Applications, have demonstrated a dedicated commitment to delivering secure, dependable, and convenient transportation solutions. We eagerly look forward to continuing our support for their initiatives in the years to come.

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