Top 10 Ride-hailing Taxi Apps in the United Kingdom

Top 10 Ride-hailing Taxi Apps in the United Kingdom

Jan 11, 2024 Admin Taxi App Development

The article from Startups of London highlights the leading ride-hailing and taxi apps in the UK as of 2023. Uber tops the list, maintaining its market dominance despite past licensing issues. Competitors like Bolt, Ola, and Free Now are notable for their diverse offerings, including luxury rides, electric vehicles, and environmentally friendly practices. The piece suggests that users select a service based on their specific needs, whether it's Wheely's luxury and professionalism, Gett's eco-focus, or Taxiapp UK's local expertise.

The article also discusses the impact of social distancing, mask-wearing, and heightened hygiene on the ride-hailing industry. A 2020 report by ABI Research indicates a significant 59% market reduction in the first half of 2020, after a 14% increase in 2019. The profitability and business model of ride-hailing services have been a subject of debate even before the pandemic, yet Uber continues to lead globally.

As of August 2021, there are nine active ride-hailing apps in the UK. Uber, originating from the San Francisco Bay Area, has been a focal point of many discussions. Despite losing its London license at one point, Uber regained its operational rights in the city. The company has also faced disputes in several other countries, including Turkey, France, Denmark, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Unveiling the UK's Top 10 Ride-Hailing Apps for 2023! Leaders like Uber, Bolt, Ola, and Free Now take the spotlight. Dive into the impact of social distancing and the electric taxi shift. Explore the unique features of Via, Wheely, Gett, and more, from luxury rides to eco-friendly options. Challenges and growth strategies are revealed, showcasing the dynamic UK taxi app market!


Despite these challenges, Uber and other ride-hailing services remain popular with users who find them a convenient and often cheaper alternative to traditional taxis. Here is a list of some popular taxi apps in the UK as given below:

1. Bolt

Bolt, hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, stands as a significant competitor to Uber in Europe. The company serves riders in over 40 countries and 300 cities globally, offering a comprehensive ride-hailing experience.

Like Uber, Bolt faced regulatory challenges in London. Initially operating under the name Taxify, it encountered a setback in 2017 when Transport for London compelled the company to cease its operations in the city. However, Bolt made a comeback, relaunching in London in June 2019, and has been active since.

During the pandemic, both Bolt and Uber diversified their services by venturing into food delivery. However, there is a notable difference in their current offerings in the UK. While Uber Eats has become one of the most popular food delivery apps in the UK, Bolt Food has yet to establish its presence in this market.

2. Ola

Ola, originating from India, emerged as a popular alternative to Uber in London, particularly during periods when Uber faced operational challenges. Catering to over a billion passengers across more than 250 cities, Ola is a formidable rival to Uber, not just in the UK, but also in Australia, New Zealand, and India.

Ola business model extends beyond traditional ride-hailing services. The company is diversifying into various domains, including electric scooter sharing, carpooling, car rentals, and corporate travel solutions. This approach mirrors the growth strategies of Uber and Bolt, although Ola distinguishes itself by not venturing into food delivery.

A significant commonality between Ola and Bolt is their commitment to environmental sustainability. Both companies are actively working towards increasing the use of electric vehicles and minimizing their carbon footprint, reflecting a growing trend in the ride-hailing industry towards greener business practices.

3. Via

Formerly known as ViaVan, New York-based Via claims that it “transforms public transit from a regulated system of rigid routes and schedules to a fully dynamic, on-demand network.” Commuters from over 20 countries and 400 cities are using Via to get to their destinations.

Via business model deviates from that of the abovementioned companies. Simply put Via partners with local transport authorities to enhance public and urban transportation systems. The app’s algorithm matches several passengers heading in the same direction and allows them to book a single vehicle. Not a preferable option in pandemic circumstances, but a better choice for the environment.

4. Wheely

Wheely positions itself as a provider of upscale, luxurious ride experiences, primarily catering to clients in London, Paris, and seven cities in Russia as of August 2021. The company, founded by Anton Chirkunov and Pavel Bocharov, focuses on a niche market segment, offering high-end vehicles and experienced chauffeurs. Unlike other ride-hailing companies that pursue rapid expansion, Wheely's strategy is to maintain a specialized, premium service.

For those who occasionally seek an elegant and sophisticated travel experience, Wheely offers professional drivers operating a fleet of exquisite Mercedes cars and vans. This emphasis on luxury and professionalism sets Wheely apart in the ride-hailing market.

In addition to serving individual customers, Wheely extends its services to businesses, providing options such as a fleet of vehicles for corporate use or executive airport transfers. This London-based company's approach is tailored to meet the needs of clients seeking a higher level of comfort and style in their transportation choices.

5. Free Now

Free Now, headquartered in Germany and operating as a subsidiary of Daimler, marks its presence in over 100 cities across Europe. The company's foundation is a result of a merger between "mytaxi" and Hailo, one of the UK's leading ride-hailing apps. Free Now Clone growth strategy is ambitious, as evidenced by its acquisition of Kapten in 2020. The service offers users the flexibility to either hail a traditional black taxi or hire private vehicles.

In the UK, Free Now is available to passengers in various cities, including London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading, Derby, and Leicester. The company has recently broadened its range of services by introducing e-scooter sharing in several areas of London, reflecting a trend towards more diverse and environmentally friendly urban transportation options.

6. Gett

Gett Clone, based in London, initially began in 2010 as a provider of ground transportation management services for enterprises. It has since evolved into an app that consolidates corporate fleet services, ride-hailing, taxis, and limo services on a single platform.

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, Gett does not offer the option to hail private cars. However, it does provide a convenient way to call a black taxi in London with just a few taps. This specificity makes Gett stand out in the crowded ride-hailing market.

A key aspect of Gett's operation is its commitment to sustainability. The company ensures that all rides in the UK are carbon-neutral, aligning with its objective to contribute to the reduction of emissions and promote environmentally responsible practices.

In 2016, Gett expanded its operations by acquiring Radio Taxis and the two other brands under its parent company. One of these brands is Xeta, also a black cab company, while the other, One Transport, is a logistics platform that offers vehicle rental services to businesses. This acquisition reflects Gett's strategy to diversify and strengthen its presence in the transportation sector.

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7. Addison Lee

Addison Lee, with its establishment dating back to 1975, holds the distinction of being the oldest company in the ride-hailing and private vehicle service sectors on our list. The company offers a range of services, including private vehicle transportation for passengers and delivery services for both businesses and individuals.

Catering to diverse transportation needs, Addison Lee provides options for casual rides, business trips, airport transfers, and even exclusive first-class travel services. This broad spectrum of offerings ensures that there is a suitable option for various customer requirements.

In a significant development, Addison Lee has recently expanded its operational scope by signing a deal with the black taxi operator ComCab. This collaboration positions Addison Lee as London’s largest private hire and taxi firm, marking a notable achievement in its long-standing history in the transportation industry.

8. Taxiapp

Founded and operated by cabbies themselves, Taxiapp distinguishes itself as a unique player in the ride-hailing market. This not-for-profit organization was created as a response to the corporate nature of other taxi and ride-hailing apps, with a primary goal to preserve the iconic black cabs of London from obsolescence.

A standout feature of Taxiapp is the drivers' deep and intimate knowledge of London's streets, aptly referred to as "The Knowledge." This requirement, which has been a part of the taxi driver licensing process since 1865, involves a comprehensive understanding of London's complex road network. Taxiapp drivers, having mastered this knowledge, offer an advantage in navigation and route planning over GPS-based services.

9. Arro App

The ARRO app is a transformative taxi service tool, designed to significantly ease the process of hailing and paying for taxi rides. Available on both iPhone and Android devices, ARRO caters to users in numerous locations across the United States and the United Kingdom. The app's standout feature is its ability to swiftly connect users to the closest available drivers, thereby reducing wait times and enhancing the efficiency of urban travel. ARRO's innovative E-Hail function allows users to conveniently hail a taxi with just a simple tap, providing them with an instant fare estimate, route preview, and the estimated arrival time of their ride. Additionally, ARRO's E-Pay feature offers a seamless payment solution for rides not initially booked through the app by allowing users to link their ride to the app for automatic payment at the journey's end. These user-friendly functionalities position ARRO as a noteworthy player in the realm of digital ride-hailing services, offering a blend of convenience, speed, and simplicity to its users.

10. Blacklane

Blacklane is a premier chauffeur service that has established a reputable presence in the United Kingdom, offering a sophisticated and reliable transportation experience. Catering to discerning travelers and corporate clients, Blacklane ensures a seamless journey with its fleet of high-end vehicles and professional chauffeurs. Whether it's airport transfers, business meetings, or special occasions, Blacklane's commitment to punctuality, comfort, and personalized service sets it apart in the competitive transportation industry. The company's presence in the United Kingdom reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of clients seeking a luxurious and reliable travel solution, making Blacklane a trusted choice for those who value style and efficiency in their transportation experiences.


To navigate through these challenges, I suggest looking into ready-made taxi software solutions such as Appicial and an Uber Clone Script. Choosing pre-built software can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with developing your own taxi business.

To stay ahead in this competitive market, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the top taxi app companies in the world, as they are setting the standards and trends in the industry. Understanding their offerings and strategies can provide valuable insights for your taxi business venture.

If you're considering launching a taxi app in the UK, it would be beneficial to explore options like Appicial, which offers efficient taxi booking software. Investing time in evaluating such solutions could prove to be a valuable decision for your business endeavors.

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