Leading Taxi Apps in Belgium: A Comprehensive Guide

Leading Taxi Apps in Belgium: A Comprehensive Guide

Jan 23, 2024 Admin Taxi App Development

Navigating the vibrant landscape of transportation in Belgium is made effortless with the availability of leading taxi apps designed to meet diverse preferences and needs. Uber, a global giant in ride-hailing, seamlessly connects users with reliable drivers in major Belgian cities, ensuring a convenient and efficient travel experience. Bolt, formerly Taxify, provides another compelling option, offering on-demand rides through its user-friendly app. Embracing the traditional taxi model, mytaxi stands out as a popular choice, facilitating quick and secure bookings with local taxi services. For those seeking a European-wide solution, TAXI.eu proves invaluable, linking passengers with trustworthy taxi providers across Belgium and beyond.Here are the comprehensive guide of top taxi apps in Belgium as per given below:

Explore Brussels hassle-free with the top taxi apps! Uber tackles legal challenges, while Bolt integrates taxis and eco-friendly e-scooters. FREE NOW offers diverse mobility, Heetch caters to late-night rides, and Taxis Verts excels in reliability. Taxis Bleus impresses with a modern app and a vast fleet, and Victor Cab leads with eco-friendly options. Embrace digital transformation for efficient, user-friendly travel!

Leading Taxi Apps in Belgium


1. Uber

Uber's operations in Belgium, particularly in Brussels, have been characterized by a complex interplay of legal challenges, strategic alliances, and expansion efforts. The company faced legal hurdles when a Brussels court initially ruled that Uber's operations were illegal, classifying it as a taxi service. This decision was later reversed, allowing Uber to continue its activities.

However, this reversal sparked appeals from the traditional taxi sector, indicating ongoing legal scrutiny. In terms of employment status, the Belgian government considers Uber drivers as self-employed contractors, aligning with Uber's self-identification as a technology platform rather than a traditional transportation provider. This classification has been contentious, especially among traditional taxi drivers.


2. Bolt

Bolt, an Estonian mobility company, has made significant strides in the Belgian market, particularly in Brussels. Having started its operations in Brussels in February 2022, Bolt offers a unique solution to the ongoing dispute between traditional cab drivers and ride-hailing apps like Uber. It does so by integrating both LVC (VVB) and taxi drivers within its app, giving users the option to choose between a traditional taxi or a Bolt driver, with Bolt generally being the cheaper option. This approach reflects Bolt's commitment to offering affordable transportation solutions while also aiming to ease traffic congestion in Brussels and contribute positively to the city's mobility and environmental challenges.

Moreover, Bolt's entry into the Brussels market extends beyond ride-hailing services. The company has also introduced its electric scooters, deploying 1,100 shared electric scooters throughout the region. This marks Bolt's first venture into the Belgian market, with expectations of expanding into three to five additional cities across the country. Bolt's scooters are eco-friendly, being 100% recharged with green energy and made of 100% recyclable materials. This introduction of e-scooters complements their broader mobility services, which also include car-sharing and food delivery in certain markets.


3. FreeNow

Free Now Belgium, part of the broader Free Now European urban mobility platform, stands as a significant player in Belgium's transportation landscape. Initially launched as a taxi-hailing app, Free Now has evolved to encompass a wider array of services, including private car hire, e-scooters, and e-bikes, catering to the diverse mobility needs of its users.

In Belgium, Free Now is known for its user-friendly interface, reliable service, and commitment to sustainability. It competes with other ride-hailing services by offering a seamless experience for both riders and drivers, including features like in-app payment and real-time tracking. The company's growth in Belgium reflects a larger trend towards embracing digital solutions in urban transportation, highlighting the shift towards more integrated, sustainable, and flexible mobility options in urban areas.


4. Heetch

Heetch, a prominent ride-hailing service in Belgium, offers a unique approach to urban transportation. Established as a competitor to more established ride-hailing apps, Heetch differentiates itself through a focus on late-night transportation services, primarily targeting a younger demographic. The company has carved out a niche by providing reliable, safe, and affordable rides during the late hours when other public transportation options are less available.

In Belgium, Heetch has gained popularity, particularly among young urbanites, by offering a user-friendly app interface and competitive pricing. The service emphasizes a friendly, informal interaction between drivers and passengers, which has become a hallmark of the Heetch experience. This approach not only appeals to its core user base but also fosters a sense of community among its users.

Heetch clone presence in Belgium underscores the growing demand for flexible and accessible transportation options in urban areas. The company's commitment to providing services during off-peak hours complements the existing transportation infrastructure, offering a valuable service to those who need to travel late at night or early in the morning. This strategic positioning allows Heetch to coexist with other transportation services while filling a specific need in the market.

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5. Taxis Verts

Taxis Verts is a well-established taxi company in Brussels, boasting a history of providing transportation services for both individuals and parcels for over 40 years. They position themselves as the number one taxi company in the city, focusing on reliability and quality service. Taxis Verts caters to a wide range of customers, including individuals, businesses, associations, and public administrations.

For individual customers, Taxis Verts offers a variety of services, not just taxi rides. They also have a delivery service, which is tailored to meet the needs of merchants and companies requiring parcel transport. This service ensures fair remuneration for their drivers.

Businesses can benefit from Taxis Verts' corporate packages, which are designed to accommodate the specific transportation needs of companies, helping them to manage consumption and budget effectively. The company offers a Business Premium service for a high-end experience, featuring the best vehicles and the most experienced drivers who are assigned on a priority basis.


6. Dantaxi

Dantaxi Taxi App, a prominent player in Denmark's transportation sector, offers a seamless and efficient ride-booking service. Known for its wide network and reliability, the app caters to a diverse range of customers with varying needs. Users enjoy the convenience of quick bookings, real-time tracking of their rides, and transparent fare estimates. Dantaxi provides a variety of vehicle options, ensuring comfort for individual and group travelers. The app supports multiple payment methods, including in-app payments, enhancing the ease of use. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and timely service, Dantaxi stands as a preferred choice for taxi services in Denmark.


7. Taxis Bleus

Taxis Bleus stands out as a prominent taxi service in Brussels, renowned for its expansive coverage across the Brussels-Capital Region and beyond. The company's reputation for quality and efficiency is bolstered by a large fleet of official taxis, ensuring rapid and reliable service. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Taxis Bleus provides a variety of vehicles catering to different passenger needs, including classic sedans, luxury cars, spacious minivans, and specially adapted vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

The company also leverages modern technology, offering an intuitive app that allows users to easily book rides, estimate fares, and make card payments, enhancing the convenience of urban mobility. Taxis Bleus maintains a transparent pricing system with regulated rates, ensuring that customers receive fair and consistent pricing for their services. Additionally, the company places a high value on customer feedback, continually striving to improve its services based on the experiences and opinions of its users.


8. Victor Cab

Victor Cab is a notable taxi service in Belgium, known for its commitment to quality and environmental consciousness. Founded by the president of the Fédération Belge des Taxis (FeBeT) and other experienced professionals in the Brussels taxi sector, Victor Cab offers a range of services that cater to various needs.

The fleet of Victor Cab includes over 300 comfortable vehicles available for immediate or advanced booking. These vehicles are relatively new, with an average age of around four years, making them less polluting than older models. This emphasis on environmental responsibility is further highlighted in their Victor Green service, which boasts Belgium's largest fleet of 100% electric and hybrid taxis. This fleet includes 60 vehicles, representing a significant move towards low-emission transportation in Belgium.


The development of mobile applications in various sectors, particularly in services like taxis and ride-hailing, demonstrates a significant shift towards digital integration in everyday life. These applications often feature user-centric designs, offering real-time tracking, varied payment options, and customized services. The inclusion of environmentally friendly options like electric and hybrid vehicles in app-based taxi services reflects a growing awareness of and response to global environmental challenges. Moreover, the emphasis on accessibility, as seen in services tailored for people with reduced mobility, highlights a commitment to inclusivity.

Overall, the evolution of mobile app development in this sector underscores the potential of technology to transform traditional services, making them more efficient, user-friendly, and aligned with modern-day priorities and values.

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