Top 10 Taxi Apps In Lagos, Nigeria

Top 10 Taxi Apps In Lagos, Nigeria

Dec 12, 2023 Admin Taxi App Development

In the bustling cities and towns of Nigeria, getting around efficiently has become increasingly reliant on the convenience of taxi-hailing apps. With the advent of technology, commuting has evolved, making it easier for residents and visitors alike to navigate the vibrant streets. In Nigeria, there are many taxi apps available. Let’s assume that you find yourself in a circumstance where you require the assistance of one of these taxi apps. Who would you pick to call out of the group? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 taxi apps in Nigeria along with some essential details about each one so you can make an informed choice:

Top 10 Taxi Apps In Nigeria


1. Uber

Uber, a global giant, has made its mark in Nigeria, offering a seamless and reliable ride-hailing experience. With a vast network of drivers, Uber remains a popular choice for many seeking transportation in major Nigerian cities. Using the Uber app, you may request a journey, and your driver will come to pick you up and take you there quickly. The app's extremely basic interface (UI) gives the impression that everything is easy to use. It's one of the most popular taxi applications in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Uber makes sure you select the ideal car for your needs, regardless of your preferences for affordability, comfort, or style. Before booking an Uber ride, you can receive an estimate of the cost upfront. As a result, you will always know how much your trip will cost before you place your order. You can call local authorities directly and share your location with anyone using the app.

Navigate the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, with our guide to the top 10 taxi apps. This blog post introduces you to the diverse range of ride-hailing services available in Lagos, catering to the needs of both residents and visitors. Whether you're planning a trip to Lagos or are interested in the African tech scene, this guide provides insights into the leading taxi apps shaping the transportation landscape in this bustling metropolis.


2. inDriver

Comparable to Uber and Bolt is the ride-hailing app inDriver. This isn't your typical taxi service; it aims to create a new mode of transportation in which both drivers and passengers may agree on the price of a ride. Using the inDriver app, a passenger can select the driver to drive them to their desired location.You get to choose the fare you wish to pay for a ride, and if the driver accepts, you'll be driven there. The app for inDriver offers many options and is a more affordable mode of transportation. The greatest taxi app in Lagos is called inDriver.


3. Taxify(Bolt)

Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt competes fiercely with Uber in Nigeria. Known for its competitive pricing and user-friendly interface, Bolt has gained popularity for its reliability and efficient service. Bolt operates in several cities across the country, providing users with a convenient and reliable way to book rides through a mobile app. Here are some key points about Bolt in Nigeria:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • User-Friendly App
  • Fare Summary and Details
  • Wide Availability
  • Various Vehicle Options
  • Safety Features
  • Driver Incentives

4. Pickmeup

Pickmeup is a sleek and cozy cab app in which you can use your smartphone to quickly and safely schedule a transport in a matter of minutes. In a couple of seconds, it connects passengers directly to drivers in nearby areas via GPS technology. Their taxi booking app is incredibly easy to use and straightforward. It only takes a few seconds to sign up and begin scheduling rides. Pickmeup provides the quickest and most convenient way to book transport for cars, SUVs, minivans, bikes, and keke. By enabling a passenger to see the driver's name, picture, reviews, and vehicle details before the driver arrives, it is intended to increase safety. You may travel with comfort knowing that Pickmeup makes significant investments in offline driver screenings, in-app safety, and safety training for our drivers.


5. Holla

Holla is a taxi firm founded in Lagos that offers cab services all across Nigeria. To make travel convenient for their passengers, they can place a higher value on comfort and elegance. They have driven convenience for their passengers with the highest professionalism since their founding. Their goal is to deliver accurate drop-off times and prompt pickup. It's safe to travel with their polite, well-mannered drivers. They provide a GPS-enabled mobile and online application that allows users to rapidly book and obtain local taxis. Taxi reservations are simple to make, and customers can select from a variety of car models according to what suits them best.


6. easyTaxi

easyTaxi is a new, affordable, on-demand booking app. With just a button push, passengers and taxi drivers may connect and enjoy a quick, easy, and safe ride thanks to the application. easyTaxi is accessible for B2B clients via easyTaxi Pro and Easy Taxi Corporate solutions, as well as for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. easyTaxi was the first online taxi service provider in Latin America when it was established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April 2012. With 26 nations and 82 cities currently offering the app and counting. it has completely changed the way people book taxis worldwide.


7. CarXie

CarXie is one of the best taxi apps in Nigeria which is run by Nigerians. To accommodate your last-minute travel needs, the cutting-edge mobile application CarXie offers taxis that ensure protection and convenience. It is both secure and affordable. CarXie was founded to ensure that Nigeria is an important and equal participant in the cutting-edge transportation networks that are necessary for the smooth operation of markets. The CarXie app has a lot of interesting features. Even if you can't recognize your current location, the app will still be able to determine where you should pick up. You can rate your driver to provide feedback and assist us in raising the standard of service. Finally, you can add a credit card and use it anywhere in the world that takes that form of payment.


8. Jekalo

In the Jekalo app, you might be able to find a ride for an individual who is traveling in the same direction as you. Jekalo is a simple and cost-effective way to get home this evening, to your next meeting, or for drinks after work, whether you're a ride owner or a passenger. The main objective of the app is to promote an environment of caring and giving.You don't have to make the trip yourself because Jekalo can assist you with picking up or distributing the merchandise. Jekalo ride owners can receive incredible discounts on a variety of services, such as auto maintenance, third-party insurance, gas coupons, airtime, data, and options for cash withdrawal. Most of the taxi apps are higher-priced than Jekalo.


9. RideMe

Customers can find taxis in their area by using the RideMe Taxi service. RideMe Taxi was created to make traveling both inside and outside of the city easier. If you need a nearby taxi to get to or from the airport, to shop at your favorite malls, or to meet up with friends, RideMe Taxi can help. Through a Live Chat feature, RideMe, a recently launched taxi app in Nigeria, provides riders with exceptional customer service. You may now have simultaneous resolutions for all of your problems. With our online booking tool, you can book a taxi at a price that suits you. Finding a ride has never been simpler or more reasonably priced. The rider was taken into consideration when developing the user-friendly RideMe Taxi app. With just a few clicks, you can easily book a ride to any location in the city.



HOPIN app is the most widely used taxi app in Slovakia and was launched in 2012. You can quickly order a taxi and drive a luxurious limousine using HOPIN. These days, HOPIN is the most convenient way to move around the city in Nigeria. This popular transportation app, which is mostly useful in cities, has been downloaded by over 700,000 users and is compatible with Android, Huawei, and iOS smartphones.


As Nigeria's urban landscape continues to evolve, these top 10 taxi apps play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation. Appicial Application is a top taxi app development company in Nigeria that provides a wide range of services and solutions that are specifically designed to satisfy the particular needs of the transportation sector. Whether they're developing feature-rich applications for both drivers and passengers, adding safe payment methods and real-time tracking, or offering scalable solutions to meet the industry's expanding needs, these businesses demonstrate their commitment to revolutionizing the taxi industry. These highly regarded businesses are in a position to lead innovation and influence the direction of taxi app development in Nigeria as the sector develops.

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