Best Turkey Taxi Apps for Easy Travel

Best Turkey Taxi Apps for Easy Travel

Jan 02, 2024 Admin Taxi App Development

The taxi industry, primarily reliant on traditional booking methods such as street hailing and phone calls, continues to be an essential component of worldwide transportation. Despite the rise of ride-hailing apps, offline taxi services hold significance, particularly in areas with lower technology adoption or where personal interaction is preferred. These traditional services are ingrained in local transport systems, offering point-to-point mobility.

Taxis are a popular mode of transportation in Turkey, with numerous yellow taxis traversing the streets of various cities. They offer tourists a quick and convenient way to travel, eliminating the hassle of navigating public transport or managing luggage. However, in bustling metropolises like Istanbul, traffic congestion can be a significant issue. This congestion often leads to longer taxi rides and, consequently, higher fares.

Furthermore, there have been instances of taxi drivers in Istanbul taking advantage of tourists through scams and overcharging. While this isn't always the case, it's a frequent enough occurrence to warrant caution. Despite these challenges, taxis remain a practical choice in certain situations, such as inclement weather or when time is of the essence.

Embark on a journey through the vibrant city of Istanbul with our guide to the best taxi apps in Turkey. This blog post presents a curated list of transportation services that simplify travel for both locals and tourists. Whether you're exploring the rich history of Istanbul or enjoying the bustling bazaars, this guide offers insights into the top Turkey taxi apps that ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Taxis also prove invaluable when public transportation isn't available, particularly during late-night hours. While they are an essential part of Turkey's transportation network, passengers should remain vigilant, especially in high-traffic areas prone to delays and potential fare inflation.

In Istanbul, alongside the common yellow taxis, numerous companies offer online taxi services, presenting a safer and more dependable option compared to taxis hailed on the street. Yellow taxis are a common sight in Istanbul, readily available on any major street at almost any time. However, to avoid the risks associated with unofficial taxis and potential scams, the safest approach is to book taxis from specific locations using online taxi-hailing apps like BiTaski, Uber, etc.

The Intricacies of App Usage in Turkey

One of the challenges you might face as a newcomer is the issue with payment methods on Turkish apps. Many local applications do not accept foreign credit cards, which can be a significant hurdle. Fortunately, for apps related to food delivery and taxis, there is the option to pay in cash, which is ideal for short-term visitors.

Navigating Transportation with Turkish Apps

Turkey, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and bustling cities, is a hub of activity. Navigating through its streets, especially in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, can be a challenge. The rise of technology has led to the development of many taxi apps, transforming transportation in Turkey into a convenient and efficient experience. Let's explore the leading taxi apps revolutionizing travel in Turkey.

Leading Taxi Apps in Turkey

1. BiTaski

This local taxi-hailing app is widely used in Turkey. To use BiTaski, simply register with your Turkish phone number and follow the verification process. The app also offers an English language option. You can select from different taxi types, such as standard yellow, air cabin, or blue taxis, each with varying starting prices. Payment options include both cards and cash. However, BiTaski's reach is limited, with services primarily in Istanbul and Ankara.

2. Uber

The international giant, Uber, has made a strong comeback in Turkey. Known for its reliability and global standard of service, Uber offers a familiar platform for tourists and expatriates.

3. Mobiett

For those relying on public transportation in Istanbul, Mobiett is a must-have. This app details all bus, metro, and ferry stations, including real-time tracking and schedules. It also informs users about any cancellations on specific lines.

4. Marti

Turkey's go-to app for e-scooters, Marti (meaning 'bird' in Turkish), stands out with its green-colored e-scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds, all bearing a bird logo.

5. TikTak

TikTak offers car rentals in Istanbul by the minute, hour, or day. Users must complete an application and provide a valid Turkish driver’s license.

6. Getir

More than just a taxi app, Getir offers a range of services, including food and grocery delivery. Its taxi service, GetirTaxi, is gaining popularity for its convenience.

7. Yandex Taxi

Taxi provides a reliable taxi service across various Turkish cities. It’s appreciated for its quick service and transparent pricing.

8. Scotty

Scotty stands out with its motorcycle taxi service, offering a quick and cost-effective solution for beating the traffic in busy cities.

9. Taksiyo

This app is gaining traction for its straightforward interface and efficient service. It allows users to easily hail a taxi with just a few taps.

10. Itaksi

The Istanbul Taxi Drivers’ Association operates Itaksi, making it a trusted choice for many. It guarantees regulated fares and safe rides.


If you're managing a taxi business, it's encouraging to know that there is always potential for growth and improvement. The key is to identify and focus on areas where enhancements can be made. In our current, app-driven world, investing in a custom app for your taxi business is a strategic move that can significantly contribute to its growth. A tailored app not only streamlines operations but also enhances the customer experience, ensuring your business stays competitive and relevant in the rapidly evolving transportation industry.

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