U-Haul vs. Penske: Which Mover Should I Choose?

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Moving is a significant undertaking, and for those who choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, the decision-making process involves various considerations. Opting for a DIY move allows individuals to save on the considerable costs associated with hiring a professional moving company. However, it also means taking charge of numerous decisions, ranging from choosing the moving date to deciding on the size of the truck and planning the route. Among these decisions, one of the crucial choices is where to rent the moving truck. With numerous local and independent rental companies available, it's essential to opt for reputable and reliable options, particularly those with established policies. In this comparison, we delve into two prominent names in the moving-truck rental industry: Penske and U-Haul.

Planning a DIY move? Explore the ultimate comparison between Penske and U-Haul for your truck rental needs! From truck sizes and costs to discounts and additional services, we've got you covered. Whether it's U-Haul's vast network or Penske's streamlined reservation process, find the perfect fit for your move. Need a custom truck rental app like U-Haul or Penske? Appicial has you covered! Contact us for a quote and turn your moving business vision into reality.

How We Compared Moving Truck Rental Companies

To determine the better choice between Penske and U-Haul, we established basic criteria for comparison based on aspects that significantly impact a customer's overall experience. The key points of comparison include:

  • Truck Sizes: Assessing whether the companies offer trucks in various sizes to cater to different moving needs and preferences.
  • State Availability and Locations: Evaluating the companies based on the number of locations, considering that proximity is crucial for convenient pickup and drop-off.
  • Cost: Analyzing the cost structure, including factors like per-mile charges, flat fees, gas tank requirements, insurance costs, and potential overage charges.
  • Discounts: Considering available discounts for moves to specific locations or certain customer groups, such as AAA members, military personnel, and students.
  • Reservation Process: Evaluating the ease and clarity of the online reservation process is a crucial factor for customers in the midst of planning a move.
  • Deposit and Cancellation Policy: Examining the fine print regarding deposits, credit card charges, and cancellation policies to avoid potential dissatisfaction.
  • Roadside Assistance: Assessing the availability and convenience of roadside assistance and recognizing the importance of support in case of vehicle issues during the move.
  • Additional Services: Exploring supplementary services offered by the companies, such as trailers, moving containers, self-storage, and other conveniences.

Penske Truck Rental

Penske Truck Rental, a division of the Penske Corporation, stands as one of the prominent transportation companies in the United States, boasting a legacy of over 50 years. Established in 1969 by Roger Penske, the company initially focused on truck leasing, logistics, and supply chain management. Over the years, Penske has expanded its services globally, operating in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its reach extends across various industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, and government.

While Penske's roots lie in the United States, its influence has spread globally. Operating on multiple continents, the company has become a key player in the transportation and logistics industry. This international presence enables Penske to cater to diverse markets and serve a wide range of clients with varying needs.

Customer Support and Reviews

Customer feedback is a valuable indicator of a company's performance and customer satisfaction. Penske Truck Rental has garnered reviews on various platforms, providing insights into the customer experience:

  • Glassdoor: A rating of 3.6 on Glassdoor suggests a generally positive sentiment among current and former employees regarding their experiences within the company.
  • ConsumerAffairs: With a rating of 3.7 on ConsumerAffairs, Penske Truck Rental demonstrates a level of customer satisfaction, with users expressing their opinions and experiences.
  • Indeed Employees Review: A rating of 3.4 on Indeed's employee reviews reflects the perspectives of individuals associated with Penske, shedding light on the company's work environment and culture.
  • Play Store and App Store: The mobile applications of Penske Truck Rental boast ratings of 4.2 on the Play Store and 4.1 on the App Store, indicating a positive reception among users who have interacted with the company through these platforms.

U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul Transportation, established in 1945 by Leonard Samuel Shoen, stands as a leading provider of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) moving and storage solutions across North America. With a vast network of approximately 22,000 locations spanning the United States and Canada, the company has earned its reputation as the largest in its field.

U-Haul offers an array of services, encompassing truck and cargo van rentals, trailer rentals, moving supplies, storage facilities, and shipping services. The versatility of its rental trucks, available in various sizes, ensures they can cater to diverse moving requirements, from compact cargo vans to expansive 26-foot trucks.

Recognized by its iconic orange and white trucks and trailers, U-Haul has become a familiar presence on highways throughout North America. Its services are highly sought after by individuals embarking on residential moves, those relocating for employment purposes, and businesses seeking efficient transportation for their goods and equipment.

When it comes to customer feedback, U-Haul garners mixed reviews across different platforms: Glassdoor: 3.3,ConsumerAffairs: 3.9,Indeed Employees Review: 3.5,Play Store: 2.4, App Store: 4.5.These ratings reflect a range of experiences, highlighting the importance of considering individual needs and preferences when choosing U-Haul for your moving and storage needs.

Comparison Between Penske vs UHaul

1. Truck Sizes

Both Penske and U-Haul offer a range of truck sizes to accommodate various moving needs. Penske's fleet spans from a high-roof cargo van to a 26-foot truck, each identified by square footage and the approximate number of rooms it can hold. U-Haul, starting with an 8-foot pickup truck, provides options up to a 26-foot truck. While the largest box trucks are similar in size, U-Haul's fleet is more extensive, providing greater availability and flexibility for customers.

2. State Availability and Locations

Location plays a crucial role in the convenience of renting a moving truck. U-Haul boasts over 21,000 locations nationwide, providing widespread availability. In contrast, Penske has a respectable 2,500 locations and benefits from a partnership with The Home Depot. While Penske's presence is growing, U-Haul's extensive network currently gives it a considerable advantage.

3. Cost

Comparing the cost structures of Penske and U-Haul involves analyzing factors like one-way and round-trip pricing, mileage, and potential variations based on location and time of year. While both companies offer competitive pricing, U-Haul tends to be more affordable for one-way trips, leveraging its vast network to meet higher demand.

4. Discounts

Discounts can significantly impact the overall cost of a move. Penske offers discounts for college students, military members, and AAA members, along with periodic seasonal promotions. U-Haul provides seasonal discounts and partnerships with hotels, offering varied options for customers.

5. Reservation Process

The online reservation process is a critical aspect of customer experience. U-Haul excels in providing a straightforward and clean online reservation experience, allowing customers to search by location or vehicle size. Penske's reservation process, while functional, can be perceived as slightly cluttered.

6. Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Understanding deposit requirements and cancellation policies is crucial for customers facing uncertainties during a move. Penske's policy involves a deposit for round-trip rentals but offers generous cancellation options without fees. U-Haul only requires deposits for cash payments and requests 24-hour notice for cancellations to avoid fines.

7. Roadside Assistance

Both Penske and U-Haul offer 24/7 roadside assistance , providing support in case of vehicle issues during the move. While the services are similar, U-Haul's advantage lies in allowing customers to submit roadside assistance requests online, enhancing convenience.

8. Additional Services

U-Haul stands out in this category by offering a comprehensive range of additional services, including moving containers, trailers, self-storage facilities, and various packing supplies. Penske primarily focuses on moving truck rentals, providing limited options for additional services.


In comparing the rental apps of Penske and U-Haul, both companies offer similar features, yet U-Haul's app stands out with additional tools beneficial for customers orchestrating a move. While Penske's app is straightforward, U-Haul provides a more comprehensive set of planning and organizational features.

Choosing between U-Haul and Penske Truck Rental presents a challenging task. The decision may hinge on factors such as cost, service quality, and the specific needs of the move. Prospective renters are advised to conduct a thorough comparison of the pros and cons of U-Haul vs. Penske, taking into account customer reviews for each. Evaluating the overall value each company offers will aid in making a well-informed decision tailored to individual preferences and requirements.

At Appicial, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to assisting you in creating applications akin to Penske or U-Haul for your upcoming truck rental venture.

If you're contemplating the initiation of a moving truck rental business or considering the development of a truck rental app akin to U-Haul or Penske, Appicial is your trusted partner. Contact us today for a comprehensive quote, and let us guide you in bringing your vision to fruition for U-Haul Clone or Penske Clone.

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