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Taxis Verts clone

Taxis Verts, a prominent taxi service in Brussels since 1981, has been a leader in passenger and parcel transportation for over four decades. With a dedicated mobile app, the company caters to individual and professional needs, offering conventional taxi services, parcel delivery, and specialized services for individuals with reduced mobility (PRM), ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all users.

Creating a replica app of a successful taxi service like Taxis Verts can be a smart business move, given the demand for efficient taxi booking services. To explore this idea, consider consulting with a mobile app development company specializing in crafting custom taxi apps. These firms provide comprehensive services, including market analysis, design, development, and ongoing support, ensuring your app is precisely aligned with your business requirements and user preferences.

Real-time tracking is another remarkable aspect of the service. Passengers can monitor their taxi's precise location in real-time, receive accurate estimated arrival times, and plan their journeys with confidence. This feature enhances convenience and eliminates the uncertainty often associated with traditional taxi services.

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What we offer in Taxis Verts clone

Introducing the Taxis Verts Clone App—an innovative venture in digital transportation solutions, emulating the success of Brussels' renowned Taxis Verts service. This clone app mirrors its counterpart's excellence, featuring user-friendly booking interfaces, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, versatile payment options, and specialized services for those with mobility needs. Tailored for a diverse user base, including individuals, corporations, and public sector entities, the app seamlessly provides standard taxi services and efficient parcel delivery.

The app prioritizes environmental consciousness with choices for eco-friendly vehicles, showcasing a dedication to sustainability. It also incorporates cutting-edge safety features, guaranteeing the safety of both passengers and drivers. For business operators, this clone app offers a powerful administrative dashboard, streamlining the effective management of drivers, fleets, and customer interactions.

The Taxis Verts Clone App goes beyond mere replication, offering an adaptable platform for customization and scalability. It caters to diverse taxi companies aiming to digitize and elevate their services in today's competitive market, aligning with their unique needs and branding.

Passenger App Features


Chat Feature using Sockets

Rider and Driver can communicate with each other within the app using the inbuilt socket-based chat feature, making communication smoother and faster.

Vehicle Categories

We have made the platform super-flexible, where you can control the categories from the admin panel at runtime. You can add new categories, edit them, reTaxis Verts them, change the pricing and manage more settings from the admin panel.

OTP On Trip Start

There were some cases where drivers started the Ride before the Driver picked up the rider, the Driver cheated the rider, and increased the fare. So to protect riders from being cheated, we introduced a feature where the Driver can't start the Ride until the rider provides the OTP. It prevents fraudulent cases and makes everyone happy and feels safe.


Outstation booking features allow riders to book longer-distance rides. In addition, riders can book outstation rides for the n-number of days per the rider's requirements.

Live Tracking

The taxi app tracks the Driver's location throughout the Ride. Admin has given a feature to track all the Drivers on the map. So riders can share the Ride with their family and friends, who can track the location of the riders on the map.


Taxi app has a rentals feature as well in addition to Ride now. Rentals are more like packages where the price is fixed for certain distances and times. For example, 4Hrs and 40kms package costs $120. It gives more independence to the riders to choose the packages per their requirements.




All the app localisations can be controlled from the admin panel. So, for example, the client can add as many languages in the taxi app and manage the admin panel's translation.

Driver Statistics

We have researched the number of clients before finalizing how to present statistics to the drivers and the admin for better planning. The Driver can see their daily and monthly performance and deep statistics such as rides completed, rejected, and missed.

In-app Turn-by-turn Navigation

In-app turn-by-turn navigation is one feature that stands out from the rest of our competitors. We have achieved perfection in navigating the map and giving in-app turn-by-turn instructions, So drivers need to stay in and open Google maps or Waze maps for the navigation. We're also working to implement voice instruction soon.

Smart Referrals & Rewards

Again, the feature is being designed by surveying 50+ live clients. In addition, we made the system robust regarding the implementation and the reporting from the admin panel.

Smart Fare Management System

As per the requirements of various clients, we have made the fare management system flexible and dynamic to change or control everything from the taxi app admin panel. Furthermore, the fare calculation is also made transparent by showing it on the screen of the driver application while the Ride is on the go.

Driver Documents

As per every country's varying requirements and laws, we have made it configurable to add or change the documents required for the drivers to sign up on the platform. So clients need to be reassured about the changing laws in the future.

Admin Panel Features


Drivers Manager

Admin can control driver's access on the platform, verify/block them, ask for more documents, see their performance, check their wallet status, documents, referrals, and so on. We have made admin the superpower to have complete control over the operations in the runtime.

Users Manager

Likewise, the driver manager has given complete control over the rider's access to the platform. They can control or view their booked/canceled/completed rides and address any grievances from the panel.

Transactions Manager

Admin can see all transactions happening on the platform. Moreover, he can view the transaction details in depth, like taxes, commission, mode of payment, wallet transfers, etc.

Wallet Manager

Our platform's core strength is an inbuilt wallet system, which makes us stand out from our competitors. Once you understand, you find it mandatory to run a business. It helps the company retain the riders and drivers to the platform and helps the company keep more funds.

Trips/Rides Manager

Admin can view rides ongoing, completed, canceled, missed, or rejected by the drivers on the runtime. Admin can also despatch rides from the admin panel and assign drivers manually to the booked rides.


Admin has given access to multiple reports, which helps them plan and strategize various activities to support and grow the business.

Taxis Verts clone Screenshots

DEMO OF HireMe Taxis Verts clone

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Basic Features Of Taxis Verts clone Script

Ride Now or Later

A rider can book a taxi for the ride now. Or schedule rides by a later date and time using the "ride later" option.


The rider will receive all the notifications about ride acceptance, driver status, beginning, end, payment confirmation, etc.

Reviews and Rating

Both passengers and drivers can leave reviews for each other as per their experience.

Live Tracking

The rider can view the fare estimates of the ride based on the selected vehicle category and locations.


We offered different languages in our app. It will help to solve the rider's communication concerns.


The rider can choose any payment mode, like a credit card, cash, or wallet.

Cancel Trip

The rider can cancel the trip by providing a reason and may have to pay the cancellation charges.

Ride History

A rider can view all the completed and canceled rides, including pickup and drop location details, fare amount, and time.

Promo Code

The rider can use a promo code to get an extra discount on the total trip amount, which is managed through the admin panel.

Wait Time Charges

If the driver has to wait for the rider, then additional charges will be applied to the waiting time, which the rider has to pay.

Vehicle Details

After the ride is accepted, a rider can view all the details related to the vehicle. Like, Car type and car number with the trip number.

Real-Time Tracking of Driver

The rider can get the real-time status of the driver like, on the way, estimated arrival time, etc.


We integrate numerous local currency integration features to provide more easy services to your customer.

Detailed Fare Breakup

The rider can view the fare estimates of the ride based on the selected vehicle category and locations.

Fare Summary Details

The rider can view all the details, including the total distance, time, amount to be paid, and referral code.

Get Driver’s Information

After the driver accepts a ride, a rider can view the driver's details like –name, image, and contact number and be able to call the driver.

Additional Features of Taxis Verts clone

Favorite Driver

When requesting scheduled rides, riders can select specific drivers they'd like to be matched with. In addition, riders can add drivers to their Favorite Driver list by the Favorite button.

Favorite Location

Favorite location making it easier for riders to get most-frequented places faster. Riders can add the address to their Favorite location list on the scheduled rides by the Favorite button.

SOS Button

A rider will click on an SOS button in an emergency, and the app will send his location details with a message to his saved contacts for an emergency.

Gender Preference

Female riders can choose female drivers while booking a ride; the same goes for male riders.

Wheel Chair Enable

The rider can book a taxi with a wheelchair according to the cab categories.

Baby Seat Enable

The rider can book a taxi with a baby seat according to the cab categories.

Referrals And Rewards

Users invite their friends and family to help you increase the user base. If any referral joins, then the referee will get benefits.

Refer and Earn

Riders and drivers invite their friends. It will help you to increase the user base. If any referral joins then the referee will get benefits.

Surcharge Pricing

A set surcharge during peak hours every day or festivals and earns more.

Smart Fare Calculation

A Smart fare management system is a system in which automated fare calculation includes all parameters such as distance, time, fare, taxes, tolls, etc.

Outstation Bookings

Outstation booking features allow riders to book longer-distance rides. In addition, riders can book outstation rides for the n-number of days per the rider's requirements.

Rentals Bookings

App has a rentals feature as well in addition to Ride now. Rentals are more like packages where the price is fixed for certain distances and times. For example, 4Hrs and 40kms package cost $120.

Corporate Rides

A rider can view all the completed and canceled rides, including pickup and drop location details, fare amount, and time.

Recurring Rides (Ride Pass)

The Recurring Rides feature allows users to add their daily commute preferences from the office to home.

Ride Pool Service

Carpooling is a smart way to commute by sharing just one vehicle. A rider can share rides along the same route and save money.

Deliveries Module

The rider can book multiple deliveries to deliver the documents or other stuff.

Driver's Earnings

Drivers can see daily, monthly, and weekly earning reports, including all necessary details and payment methods.

Driver’s Multiple Shifts

A driver can work multiple shifts (Day & Night) to make more money.

What you Get with Taxis Verts clone


  • Taxis Verts clone

    Mobile Apps

    You get four mobile applications over iOS and Android in our HireMe Taxis Verts clone taxi app solution.

  • Taxis Verts clone app

    Admin Panel

    You get a fully functional mobile-supported web-based admin panel, including multilevel menu structuring, live tracking on mobile, managing all trips, transactions, payments, and other admin settings with Taxis Verts clone.

  • Taxis Verts) app clone

    Complete Source Code

    We will give you the complete source code of the HireMe taxi booking app and upload it to your server. We also provide you Tutorial, Test case document and How to use document.

  • Taxis Verts clone

    Free Technical Support

    Free technical support includes issues/bug fixing if there is anything. We will guide you if any support is required in using the platforms.

  • Taxis Verts clone script

    Lifetime License

    We provide you lifetime license of our HireMe taxi dispatch software.

Taxis Verts clone

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How Are We Unique?

Why Should You Use the Appicial's Taxis Verts clone

We have built this product after surveying 500+ taxi companies worldwide in the last five years! So stay ahead in the taxi industry with our unique development strategies.

Taxis Verts clone

Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our Taxis Verts clone script to your server free of cost. Then, within a short span, we help you to make your script live.

Taxis Verts) app clone

App Submission

We will handle everything involved in submitting the app to the app stores and making it available for download. The finished product will be available to our customers LIVE on the market.

Taxis Verts clone app

Free Bug Support

We strive relentlessly to ship products that meet or exceed expectations in both quality and reliability. If there is a serious problem with our product, we will happily fix it without charging you a dime.

Taxis Verts clone script

Real-Time Support

We're available via email, WhatsApp, and Skype whenever you need us! All of our support services, whether technical, non-technical, or maintenance-related, are delivered promptly.

Taxis Verts clone

Complete Source Code

You will get a complete source code based on your bundle selection. 100% source code means that clients have the privilege to change, add, or amend them as per their requirements.

Taxis Verts) app clone

Help Following App Rejection

You can count on our support even after the sale is finalized. We're prepared to take the rejection of our app in stride and work to improve it so that it meets the store's standards.

Taxis Verts clone app

Native iOS & Android Apps

Taxis Verts clone Taxi development in Native apps.
iOS: Swift / ObjectiveC
Android: Java / Kotlin

Taxis Verts clone script

Technical Support

For any third-party services, such as payment gateways, SMS gateways, server installations, and more, our expert staff will help you manage all the accounts.

Taxis Verts clone

White Labeling

We'll give you an Taxis Verts clone taxi app that you can brand with your own name and logo at no cost.

Revenue Models Of Our Taxis Verts clone

For any business, it is crucial to understand how to generate revenue from a taxi business. In addition, the sustainability of a business depends on consistent income. So we're happy to tell you that our product is more flexible to adopt any of the following models.

Taxis Verts clone


Ridesharing App for Kids based in South Africa

Safe and reliable kid rides tailored to your unique schedule and needs. Get a Soccermom to drive your kids and get rid of the stress!

Not just another shuttle service: we introduce a permanent Soccermom to your family, to drive only your kids at a time: no shared rides or multiple shuttle-style stops along a fixed route, meaning less time spent on the road.

This mobile application is part of Soccermom's technology platform, where clients can manage scheduled rides and services for kids. It will be used by actively registered clients and service providers to either schedule and follow rides in real-time (clients) or to view and log jobs assigned to them (service providers).

A Scalable Solution To Merge with Multiple Business Verticals

Taxis Verts clone script

On-Demand Bikes

A bike-taxi app solution with all the key features and a comprehensive UI to make seamless bookings and easier payments.

Taxis Verts clone app

On-Demand Auto

The on-demand auto app solution automates your daily operations and dispatches auto to nearby customers.

Taxis Verts clone app

On-Demand Limos

Launch an on-demand limo service to offer premium rides for corporates, guests, marriages, and more.

Taxis Verts clone script

Crane Operators

Custom solution for crane operators to automate their crane operations and grow their business.

Taxis Verts clone app

Shuttle / Bus Services

Launch your shuttle and bus service in your country with economical and environment-friendly rides.

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Taxis Verts clone Script FAQS

Here you find the most frequently asked questions about HireMe taxi app.

General Questions

Languages used,
iOS app - Objective C and Swift
Android app - Java
Backend - PHP
Framework- Cake
Google Maps APIs are used for directions. Apple Maps on iOS and Google Maps on Android apps.
We will provide a basic document that helps you understand the installation process.
Yes, we will assist for the following three months if there are any bug fixes.
We will continue to offer support with the modifications, but it will be compensated.
It's based on customization.
Yes, you get three months of free tech support.
Free service support will take care of any problems or faults. We will help you if you need assistance using the platforms. However, there are no additional features needed for enhancement included in the free service support.
Yes, we include additional paid support packages, extending the validity time after three months. According to business requirements, you can extend technical support anytime.
  • Server
  • Sms gateway
  • Payment gateway
  • App Store account for Apple and Google
  • Domain name
  • compileSdkVersion 33
  • minSdkVersion 21
  • targetSdkVersion 33
Yes, we will provide a complete training session.
yes. We will provide you complete source code.
We maintain constant communication with you to assist with issues and optimization. Just leave a message at or call +91-886-021-3347.
Yes. Taxi apps adapt themselves to small, medium, and large taxi companies. It has all the in-built features in its admin panel to rightly fit the requirements of all taxi companies.
It takes a maximum of two weeks to set up the application. We have a team all set to meet your needs efficiently and without any delays.
With our 24/7 support team, we never let you handle a problem alone. Reach us over the phone, email, live chat, or Skype. We have a team dedicated to solving your issues at the earliest possible time.

Passenger App Questions

There are no limits on adding passengers. It offers a powerful, dynamic, and accurate response to every trip request.
Only the administrative panel of the taxi firm has access to passenger profiles.
Yes. Taxi companies can block any passenger at any time.
The passenger app is made in such a way that it only takes a few seconds to receive confirmation from the driver. The trip request will be forwarded to the next available driver if the driver declines a particular trip.
Yes. Once the trip request is approved, passengers can examine the driver's name, picture, taxi number, driver reviews, and projected arrival time, and even call the driver directly.
Yes. Passengers can cancel the ride while the driver is on the way to the pickup location. However, passengers will be charged a cancellation fee.
Yes. Once the trip request is accepted, the passenger can know it.
Trip history provides all details of the previous bookings. This helps passengers plan the trip, compare trip details, and keep track of payments and e-receipts.
Yes. The passenger app has a GPS locator that lets people see where the trip is going.
A waiting time is one unique feature in taxi app solutions where passengers can halt the taxi in the middle of a trip for a specific period and then start the trip from that point to the destination. This waiting time is calculated and charged based on the taxi company's norms.
No. Passengers can pay the taxi fare only after the trip is completed.
Any credit or debit card can be set as the default so that it will be the only one used to pay for taxi fares. Passengers can keep one or more card details in the passenger app. The default credit card can always be changed by the passenger. With the help of this feature, passengers should find it easier to execute quick transactions.
Yes. The cost of the trip can be paid in cash by the passengers. When paying through the driver app, passengers should instruct the driver to select "cash." The taxi company's admin panel will display this kind of payment, allowing them to keep track of the money and collect it from the driver.
Yes. The passenger app holds a wallet system to which passengers can credit money within the prescribed limit using a card in advance. Every time a passenger hires a taxi, the specific trip fare will be deducted from the passenger's wallet, and the remaining amount can be used for the next ride. This is meant to make it easier than having to use a credit/debit card for every payment.
Yes. Passengers are provided with e-receipts for payment confirmation after the trip and an invoice is sent to the registered email id.
Yes, passengers can provide ratings and offer comments on their travel experiences which in turn enables taxi companies to track the drivers' performance.
Yes. We have ridesharing; it’s an additional feature.
Social sharing is sharing the experience of a ride with friends through social networking sites. Taxi companies can give these customers reward points, and in return, the taxi companies can build their brand and reach more people through social media. It is optional for passengers to share their comments on the trip on social media.
Passengers can contact the taxi company via the passenger app with the details given on the "about us" page and give feedback.

Driver App Questions

Taxi apps can handle an unlimited number of concurrent drivers. It offers a powerful, dynamic, and accurate response to every trip request.
Drivers have the option of password recovery by clicking the "forgot password" button. Then enter the mobile number and receive the password as an SMS to the registered mobile number.
No. A driver can have only one login. This helps keep track of the activity of a particular driver.
Yes. Taxi companies can have a backup of the passwords of their drivers, that is, taxi companies can change a driver's password anytime via the admin panel.
Yes. Taxi companies can block any passenger at any time under circumstances like misuse of driver apps, malpractice, or any other reason.
The taxi company can access all driver profiles. Passengers can access the profile (with limited details) of only the particular driver who accepts their trip request.
Drivers can go offline during recess, when busy, or for any other reason. An offline driver will not be reflected in the passenger app while booking. Taxi companies can track the drivers who are offline in the taxi company admin panel.
If a driver rejects a passenger's request for some reason, the passenger is sent a notification to try booking the taxi again. On the next booking request, the server would automatically assign the passenger to the next available driver.
The admin panel of the taxi companies has the option to either hide or show passenger details to drivers. Drivers, if they have access to passenger details, can view only the passenger name, profile image, and pick-up location. The drivers are also given the option of calling the app passenger over the phone if required.
The waiting time is one unique feature of the taxi solution, where passengers can halt the taxi in the middle of a trip for a specific period and then start the trip from that point to the destination. This waiting time will be calculated and charged based on the taxi company's norms.
Since passengers don't have to say where they want to go when they book the cab, they can change the route as they please during the trip. Drivers can view the route using GPS in the driver's app. Similarly, taxi companies can track taxi Taxis Vertsments using GPS in the admin panel.
The driver rating is a medium through which passengers can share feedback regarding the trip, which, in turn, helps taxi companies monitor the services and activities of the drivers.
Every trip and transaction has a trip ID. This acts as a reference ID for passengers, drivers, and taxi companies and can be saved for future reference.
The driver app's Ongoing Trip feature displays information about the current trip. It shows the passenger's details, pick-up location, drop-off location, and GPS route map.
Drivers can contact the taxi company via the driver app, with details provided in the Help section.

Admin Panel Questions

Big taxi companies with many branches in different states and cities use the admin panels. The company's admin panel handles drivers, passengers, and transactions within its geographical limits. There can be many company admin panels for a taxi company, controlled by a single master admin panel. The company's admin panel is always up to date with every transaction that happens in its area, and it has all of the same features as the dispatcher panel.
The admin panel is the web-based part of the HireMe taxi app that lets the admin keep track of everything going on between the driver and the rider. Someone keen to start a taxi solution startup must know the functions of the admin web panel. The admin panel, unlike the other two apps, is highly sophisticated with access to a lot of reports, results, history, transactions, an operational map, and many more. Furthermore, it helps you monitor progress and take actionable decisions by tracking ride reports. Let’s stride through them one by one.
The company admin panel has direct control over bookings, drivers, passengers, taxis, payments, and reports for all under a particular taxi company.
Yes. Taxi companies can block any driver or passenger through the admin panel at any time.
Yes. The admin panel can be customized to the specifications of the taxi companies.
Yes. We can customize the reports based on your requirements.
There is no such limit on the number of rides. We can always expand the server configuration as required.
Now, the application is built in the English language. However, this can be done on a multilingual platform. We have already implemented Arabic, Filipino, Spanish, French, Hindi, etc.
We have implemented multiple payment options in Taxis Verts clone as per country.
Stripe - United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand
Knet - Kuwait
eZ-cash - Sri Lanka
Brain tree - North America, Europe, Asia & Australia
Paypal - Africa, America, Asia Pacific, Europe
Yes, you will have complete control over the license-based source code.
Yes. We are sharing the demo details for the “HireMe Taxi App”.
iOS App URLs:
Passenger - Click Here
Driver - Click Here
Android App URLs:
Passenger - Click Here
Driver - Click Here

- Register using your Email id and login.
After log in, Enable GPS to track your current location.

- In Driver App, login into Admin Panel to verify the driver.
Go to "Driver Management" - Make "Is Verified" to enable the driver to log in to the app.

Web Admin Panel: Click Here
PASSWORD: master@pwd
To get started, the next step is to agree and sign the contract document, then you can release the first milestone payment, and we can then start the re-branding and delivery process.

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