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Badoo Clone App - Ready-To-Launch Dating App

Badoo clone

Merely purchasing a script doesn't ensure business success. Imagine your customers' reaction upon encountering numerous identical replicas of your app, all built on generic copycat scripts. Conversely, embarking on a fully customized development journey for a Badoo clone could prove to be a costly endeavor, especially in the early stages of your startup. So, what's the ideal solution? Connect with Appicial's expert team through a call, and discover how we can assist you in confidently entering the market.

The Badoo clone script is an open-source online matchmaking solution that empowers you to establish a dating-focused social network for your users. With this script, users can engage in activities such as chatting, making new friends, sharing interests, and more. Utilizing the best Badoo clone script provides an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive edge and kickstart your own online matchmaking business.

This script enables you to offer a dynamic dating platform where users can upload photos and videos, share diverse interests, and connect with matched community members. The Badoo clone facilitates users in discovering common friends, fostering a sense of community. Introducing advanced features, users can explore and connect with a variety of people in their local area. Additionally, the script allows users to express their interests on profiles, enhancing the overall user experience and engagement. Choose the Badoo clone script to elevate your online matchmaking business with innovative and user-friendly functionalities.


In our Badoo Clone App, we provide a comprehensive and feature-rich solution to establish a thriving online dating and social networking platform. Our app offers users the ability to create profiles, upload photos and videos, and share their diverse interests with others in the community.

The Badoo Clone App incorporates advanced matching algorithms, enabling users to discover like-minded individuals in their local area. We prioritize user engagement by introducing interactive features, such as chat functionalities and the ability to express interests on profiles. Our app also facilitates the exploration of common friends, fostering a sense of community within the platform.

With a user-friendly interface and customizable options, our Badoo Clone App serves as a robust foundation for entrepreneurs looking to venture into the online dating business, providing a unique and personalized experience for users.

Customer App Features


Badoo clone


Access to a variety of benefits is just moments away. Experience an enhanced login procedure that captures essential user details while providing an intuitive interface to streamline the experience, eliminating the hassle of lengthy processes.

Custom Matchmaking Algorithms

Gone are the days of the double-tap! With our Swipe Right/Left feature, discovering your ideal match has never been more straightforward. It's our favorite innovation, making the search for connections smoother and more enjoyable than ever.

Social Feed From Matches

Enable your users to effortlessly browse through various updates regarding the activities of individuals they're interested in across social media, receiving real-time notifications. A promise of boosted engagement is at the heart of this feature.

Distance-based Matches

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of searching for matches! Our essential feature empowers users to discover their perfect matches within close proximity, simplifying the journey to find connections nearby.

Advanced Privacy Features

Premium users have the exclusive opportunity to grab this golden parachute, elevating their app experience by making their presence discreet.


Introducing an exclusive feature designed to let users showcase their best qualities to a vast audience on the app. After all, securing a spot in the limelight is akin to smooth sailing.


Sharing thoughts on potential matches has evolved far beyond traditional methods. Thanks to modern features, users now have the power to express their interest or lack thereof in someone's profile with a simple like or dislike. The twist? These actions remain discreet, ensuring users' choices stay hidden, unless the profiles in question belong to premium members!

Instant Chat

Combining the instant connectivity of WhatsApp with the unmatched popularity of Badoo creates a powerful synergy. This approach allows users to engage in immediate communication with their matches, enhancing interaction with features like emojis, autocorrect, and image sharing—adding delightful layers to their conversation experience.

Admin Panel Features


Users Manager

Maintain an omnipresent oversight across the entire application with a comprehensive admin panel that covers every aspect, from user profile management to blog page administration. This powerful tool ensures nothing escapes attention, providing complete control over the application's functionality.

Push Notifications

Keeping user engagement and curiosity at peak levels is essential for unlocking the doors to business success. Regularly sending notifications about app updates is a strategic way to maintain interest and ensure users remain actively involved with your platform.

Email Manager

With our app at your disposal, handling promotions becomes as straightforward as child's play. The email management module equips you with everything necessary to monitor promotions, email notifications, newsletters, and more, keeping you effortlessly on top of your marketing efforts.

Site Manager

Set your app apart from competitors by cultivating a unique identity. Branding extends far beyond just the name and logo, it encompasses having command over the filters, features, and app links. By meticulously managing these elements, you can ensure your app remains distinctive and memorable in a crowded market.

Likes/Superlike Manager

Harness the power of management to fuel revenue growth. Gain insights into the latest trends and metrics, such as the number of recent and group super likes. Utilize this data to strategize effectively and unlock the potential to generate millions in revenue.

Reports Manager

The key to elevating your business is at your fingertips! Understanding your users' preferences is crucial to offering them the most compatible matches, paving the way for a more personalized and successful matchmaking experience.

Additional Features of Badoo Clone App

New Match

Users can effortlessly browse through fresh profiles, making the most of our new matching system. This becomes the gateway for your users to delve into a diverse array of profiles and forge new connections.

Social Media Login

Streamline your users' experience by eliminating tedious login procedures. With quick social media integration, they can easily import their profile information and share photos within the app, simplifying the setup process.

Unlimited Swipes

Unleash the full potential of our platform with unlimited swipes! By opting for our premium service, users gain access to endless swiping, elevating their matchmaking experience.

Search Filters

Enhance user satisfaction with our advanced filtering options. Tailored to meet high expectations, the app includes detailed filters allowing users to search for their ideal match based on criteria like age, distance, and gender, ensuring more meaningful connections.


Designed specifically for adventurers who prefer to browse under the radar, our feature ensures their identity remains hidden from other users' watchful eyes. A simple toggle activates incognito mode, offering the perfect blend of exploration and privacy.

Customizable Preferences

Elevate the art of discovery! Users can fine-tune their preferences in the app, aligning their searches with individuals who share similar interests, thanks to our sophisticated preference settings.

Badoo Clone App Screenshots

Badoo Clone App Development Process


Badoo clone

Research And Planning

engages in comprehensive market research to fully grasp the nuances of the dating app market. We focus on identifying target demographics, establishing clear objectives, and conducting an in-depth analysis of competitors.

Badoo clone app

Resource Allocation

We prioritize assembling an effective team, comprising skilled UI/UX designers to craft a creative and innovative look for your dating app, along with adept back-end and front-end developers for building strong code structures.

Badoo clone

Testing and Bug Fixing

Despite our developers' extensive coding efforts, encountering bugs is inevitable. Rigorous testing is therefore undertaken to identify and rectify any bugs, glitches, and usability issues.

Badoo clone app


Following development, the app is deployed to app stores and web platforms. UserTesting is performed with a select group to confirm that it meets expectations and functions optimally.

Badoo clone

Support & Maintenance

We offers continuous technical support to address any arising user issues, bug reports, and inquiries. Regular monitoring of app performance, security, and scalability is crucial.

What you Get with Badoo Clone

Badoo clone keeping in view your business and its profitability, we have created a Dating app platform like Badoo.

  • Badoo clone script

    Mobile Apps

    You get two mobile applications over iOS and Android in our Badoo clone app solution.

  • Badoo clone

    Admin Panel

    You get a fully functional mobile-supported web-based admin panel, including multilevel menu structuring, live tracking on mobile, managing all users, transactions, payments, and other admin settings with tider clone.

  • Badoo clone app

    Complete Source Code

    We will give you the complete source code of the Badoo clone dating app and upload it to your server. We also provide you Tutorial, Test case document and How to use document.

  • Badoo clone

    Free Technical Support

    Free technical support includes issues/bug fixing if there is anything. We will guide you if any support is required in using the platforms.

  • Badoo clone app

    Lifetime License

    We provide you lifetime license of our Badoo clone application.

Badoo clone

How Are We Unique?

Why Should You Use Appicial's Badoo Clone

We have built this product after surveying many dating applications worldwide in the last five years! So stay ahead in the dating industry with our unique development strategies.

Badoo clone

Server Installation

Once the purchase is completed, we install our Badoo clone script to your server free of cost. Then, within a short span, we help you to make your script live.

Badoo clone app

App Submission

We will handle everything involved in submitting the app to the app stores and making it available for download. The finished product will be available to our customers LIVE on the market.

Badoo app clone

Free Bug Support

We strive relentlessly to ship products that meet or exceed expectations in both quality and reliability. If there is a serious problem with our product, we will happily fix it without charging you a dime.

Badoo clone

Real-Time Support

We're available via email, WhatsApp, and Skype whenever you need us! All of our support services, whether technical, non-technical, or maintenance-related, are delivered promptly.

Badoo clone app

Complete Source Code

You will get a complete source code based on your bundle selection. 100% source code means that clients have the privilege to change, add, or amend them as per their requirements.

Badoo clone script

Help Following App Rejection

You can count on our support even after the sale is finalized. We're prepared to take the rejection of our app in stride and work to improve it so that it meets the store's standards.

Badoo app clone

Native iOS & Android Apps

Badoo Clone dating app development in Native.
iOS: Swift / ObjectiveC
Android: Java / Kotlin

Badoo clone app

Technical Support

For any third-party services, such as payment gateways, SMS gateways, server installations, and more, our expert staff will help you manage all the accounts.

Badoo clone

White Labeling

We'll give you a Badoo clone app that you can brand with your own name and logo at no cost.

Badoo Clone App FAQS

Here you find the most frequently asked questions about Badoo clone app.

Our skilled team of dating app developers specializes in developing a Badoo clone app that meets your specific needs. We provide state-of-the-art features, flawless user interfaces, and a result-driven approach.
A number of variables, including the complexity of your app, the features you want, and the level of customization you need, will affect how long it takes to develop. During the initial consultation, we collaborate closely with you to define the project scope and give you an accurate timeline.
The complexity of the app, the features that are wanted, the design specifications, and the number of development hours required can all affect how much it costs to develop a dating app. We provide individualized pricing based on your unique requirements. We evaluate the needs of your project and provide you a clear, affordable estimate during the first consultation.
Of course! We have a great deal of experience integrating different third-party services and APIs, such as payment gateways, location-based services, social media logins, and more. We guarantee a smooth integration to improve the usability and functionality of your dating app.
You will be the only owner and manager of the finished dating app. The app source code and all pertinent assets will be given to you once the project is finished. We think it's important to give our customers total control over their products.
Of course! To keep your dating app safe, secure, and optimized, we provide thorough app maintenance and support services. Our staff is on hand to handle any technical problems, carry out updates, and offer continuous assistance.
We are serious about maintaining confidentiality. We guarantee the privacy of your idea and any sensitive information you share with us by signing non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs. Your information is handled with the highest care and kept completely private, including your intellectual property.
Here are some factors that contribute to a dating app's high profitability in the market: low startup costs, various monetization strategies, a developing digital market, and high scalability.
Badoo clone app Overall client rating is 5 out of 5 for Appicial by 1000+ clients.
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